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So forget the whole "10,000" btu's per jet thing. Like the rating on the banjo burners, I think everyone knows at this point that these ratings are way far fetched.

That said, I've been able to find pretty consistently the following btu rating for the 23 and 32 tip natural gas burners:

23 tip = 100,000 btu's
32 tip = 160,000 btu's

The btu per tip, based on those numbers, aren't the same... the 23 tip is 4348 btu's per tip and the 32 tip is 5000 btu's per tip.

I can't find anything regarding the 44 tip burners. Wondering if anyone knows the rating on these burners. If you simply split the difference on the btu's per tip from the afore mentioned burners you get the following rating:

44 tip = 205,656 btu's

But I don't know if this translation is accurate. Maybe more... maybe less??

Would love any information y'all have. Thanks!
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First, remember this: There is nothing in common between propane and Natural gas, except that they are both gases. After that it is like comparing diesel to gasoline. Propane is a high pressure gas, natural gas is low pressure.

1. unless you have a commercial size natural gas hook up, you will never be able to use the 44 jets. It will burn dirty yellow, and it will actually produce less BTU's.

2. I thought the same thing when I purchased my 32 jet burner, It was terrible. You will end up plugging off the jets, eventually I found that only 6 jets (all pointed at each other was the best solution) for high heat, and low heat.

3. Bobby_M has a great tutorial on here, where he has a 23 tip burner, where he plugged up 13 jets, to make it a 10 tip burner.

4. For 10 gallon boils with this type of burner design I would recommend one of these: 10 Jet Natural Gas Jet Burner

Hope this helps.
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I have to assume the OP is trying to heat a 55g barrel. If that's the case, ensure that you have a full 3/4" run from a main trunk line all the way to the burner. Keep in mind that in my tests with three BG10 burners under a 55g barrel, the best effective BTU I could achieve was 35,000. I'm sure you'll be able to burn more gas using a 44 tip over the 32, but how much of that makes it into the liquid is a big question.
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