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Hey All,

Hope your meads are clearing and that explosions are at a minimum!

My brother is coming by tonight to help me bottle a berry/rhubarb mead, so I have an empty carboy! I'm planning on starting up this batch from StormtheCastle:

15 lbs of Honey
4 gallons of spring water
5 teaspoons of yeast nutrient
5 teaspoons of yeast energizer
2 packets of Lalvin 71b-1122 yeast (Sub with Red Star Champagne)

My problem is. My homebrew supply doesn't sell energizer. I picked up a Mead pack from them a little while ago, which contains Fermax yeast nutrient, acid blend, and tannin.

Should I skip adding the nutrient and energizer, and just throw in this pack instead?

Or, should I use the nutrient I have, and find a substitute for the energizer?

Or, should I wait, and try to pick up the energizer from another supplier?

Help is appreciated! Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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Does your LHBS sell diammonium phosphate (DAP)? If no, you can always order online and get it shipped in, and add ASAP. I never add energizer once I am past the 1/3 sugar break.

Do you know anyone locally making wine, even a winery? You would be shocked how many wineries help an amateur in need. Worse case scenario, use a complex B vitamin finely ground, added to hot water to make a slurry.
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No one seems to be able to settle with which is which, the terms being used interchangeably.

One should look like white crystals, which is likely pure DAP/di-ammonium phosphate.

The other being a light tan coloured powder. Which is a combined nutrient, containing stuff like yeast hulls, thiamin and other things as well as some DAP.

If you used only one, the tan coloured powder would be the best. I understand that's what Fermax is.......
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The 'yeast nutrient' I have (believe it's fermax but the bag is long since gone) is a mixture of fine powder and larger flecks/crystals. Not as large as DAP crystals mind you.

What's your total volume to be on this batch? You do realize that you'll be at over 5 gallons as the recipe stands. Right? Also, 71B-1122 is NOT a champagne strain. It's listed tolerance is 14% (by Lalvin). IF your target volume is 5 gallons, then 71B will do a fine job. IMO, a champagne yeast will ferment the batch to DRY, making you stabilize before back sweetening it (unless you want a bone dry mead).

You can add what you have for nutrient now, and order/get some more to add during the initial time frame (before the 1/3 break).
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