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May 2012
Edmonton, Alberta
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I dont like people. Period. if it wasn't for my wife I would be a hermit living in the mountains by myself. people can knock all they want I just don't answer the door. nobody will just walk in cause the dog makes enough noise, she is a shepherd sheltie mix but she's all bark. the only person that gets in my house is my mother in law, luckly I work at night and sleep during the day
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Jun 2011
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I don't care for visitors at all. We have very few Family and Friends here, that knock and then come on in. If the dogs let someone in that's cool but the majority of folks won't get past the door step. The dogs are very protective of the home and property line.
My wife is very gregarious and I would rather not deal with other people and their crap. She has actually told many that I am anti-social and so most visitors just leave me alone.
that works well for me.
The reverse is also true - I do not like to go "visiting" but my wife loves it.
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May 2009
Camp Hill, PA
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While we have friends and family that come by unannounced its always to our back door because we have parking out back. If the front doorbell rings its probably someone we dont want to talk to.

The other day I had a political campaigner ring my 4 times right in a row. She then saw me through the window sitting on the couch and waved for me to come answer the door. So I waved for her to go away. She actually stood on my porch another 15 or 20 seconds before she realized I wasn't going to get up. I cant stand those people, especially since we live in an area that has a lot of people from various religions going door to door. Someone actually left a small Book of Mormon on my porch a couple years ago. I dont even know where there is a mormon around here.

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Mar 2012
Palmer, MA
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I just started locking my door, but only to keep the ex-guy out. Just today, I forgot to lock and he walked right in, carrying mail from my post office box. That pisses me off. Otherwise, the door was always open.
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Sep 2012
Raymond, Washington
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Depending on who it is, people stopping by is fine. I do like a call first though.
I did start locking the doors a few years back though. Actually about the time of my divorce. The ex would stop in and decide she needed more stuff so I changed the locks and kept them locked.
After she moved away, I still leave the door locked even when I'm home because I've got a neighbor who will let himself in.

Between the size and layout of my house I don't hear people knock most the time and my dogs are too lazy to bark. All my friends have my number though and I've gotten a call from people in my driveway before.

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Originally Posted by nukebrewer View Post
because I'm usually either naked or they're interrupting my brew day.
Could be both . . .

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Feb 2012
Benidorm, Alicante/Spain
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I donīt mind friends or family droping by unannounced, but I hate Jehova witnesses knocking on my door a Sunday at 9:00 AM. I am very respectfull of everybody else belief but this people donīt seem to understand that I just donīt care about what they preach. After telling them 6 weekends in a row to please not knock on my door specially on a Sunday at those hours; last time they droped by I just told them that I believed in the "Dark Lord" stare at them I made a subtle growl. This was a month ago and they havenīt come back since... maybe it was wrong to do that but it worked.

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Mar 2011
Pleasant Hill, Missouri
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Originally Posted by nukebrewer View Post
Other than that it's merely an annoyance because I'm usually either naked or they're interrupting my brew day.
Originally Posted by Pappers_ View Post
Could be both . . .
I have answered the door in a towel on several occasions. Never happy about it either, and I let whoever is at the door know I'm not happy about answering as well.
Originally Posted by TxBrew View Post
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Sep 2012
Waco, TX
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I trained my 120 pound German Shepweiler to aggressively try to get through the door whenever someone rings the doorbell and I crack it. Most people are in a pretty big hurry to get out of there when they see me trying to hold him back. Little do they know he only wants to lick them, not bite them

I also sometimes like to answer my door whilst carrying a firearm. That does the trick a lot... especially with the security alarm salesmen.
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Aug 2012
East Bumfark, Yonder
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I'm ok with unannounced visitors if they're ok with the sound of a shell being chambered in my Glock. In all seriousness, unless your hurt, bleeding, or in dire need of assistance, you better call before coming over and you better not try to walk in without knocking or ringing the doorbell first. I'm not a surprise visit kind of guy.
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