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Oct 2011
Eugene, OR
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I started out bottling, but I prefer kegging because it is less work and I can control my carbonation level more easily.

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Feb 2012
stamford, ct
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I now shoot for 6 gal fermenting, so I can throw a few bottles in the cellar and get five gals in the keg.
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Oct 2011
Cle Elum, WA
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keg. Done!

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Sep 2012
Raymond, Washington
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Bottle the first batch.
You'll love the keg after that.

Beside, with a full kegerator you will never be short on friends that want to hang out.

Speaking of kegerator, the logistics of keeping a supply of cold beer is easier with bottles.

I just invested in a chest freezer and most of the stuff to complete the conversion for my bar.
I'll be good for five beers on tap.
Let's see if I keep this updated!

On tap
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In secondary
Pumpkin ale

In primary
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Up next.. Firestone Union Jack clone

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Jan 2011
collingswood, nj
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I mostly bottle, but I do have a tap.

Everyone makes it seem that bottling is so difficult. I do not find that to be the case. I usually bottle while my grains are mashing. I can bottle a batch before the mash is done. easy.

I like variety and usually have about 15 different brews around. with 6-8 different ones in my fridge. I also do a lot of Belgians so I have many bottles of them just sitting in the basement aging.

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45_70sharps's Avatar
Sep 2012
Raymond, Washington
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It's not that bottling is hard to do, it's just time consuming and the bottles take up a lot of space while you are waiting to use them. Mostly it's the time thing for me though.
I have been thinking of making a counter pressure bottling wand ( of sorts ) though. That would be a nice addition to the bottling setup. You have to bottle some!

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Jan 2010
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I bottled for a few years. Bottling can be a chore until you get a process that works for you down to a science. With that said I prefer to keg. I started kegging a few months back and kick my self for not starting to keg sooner.

Since starting to keg I have upped my batches to 6 gallons so I can bottle some and keg the rest. Seems to be working out well.

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Dec 2010
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I used to bottle (started off that way) in swing top bottles. I've since switched over to pushing my finished brew into corny kegs (I, typically, fill two 3 gallon kegs per batch). I have the ability to bottle off of tap/keg though. Having the ability to do that means I don't worry about a lot of elements anymore. For one thing (as already posted) I can dial in the carbonation level to where I really want it. Not something you can do with bottle carbonating. I can also pull a few bottles, of different sizes, to bring someplace and not worry about how carbonated they are. I also don't worry about someone drinking from the bottle and getting a mouth full of sediment. Then there's less items to clean and sanitized. Not to mention it takes far less time to transfer to a keg than to bottle. I can have my two corny kegs filled in about the same amount of time it takes to rack into a bottling bucket. Then I'm basically done. I've also tweaked my system so that I only have to watch the level in the corny keg. Once it's where it needs to be, I move the transfer hose to the second keg (I fill via the liquid post on the serving keg).

IF I was to do things all over again, knowing what I know now, I would have switched to kegging far sooner. Maybe even from the start.
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Jan 2012
Lincoln, NE
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Yep, not having to boil water, look up sugar weight needed, another rack to bottling bucket THEN another rack to bottles, then wait 2-4 weeks, sediment...some styles really shine when bottled...but for ease and control, I like kegging.

Now, I'll be bottling my Bananas Foster beer though to maintain the aroma of everything that went into it...but that's a special case.
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Originally Posted by davekippen View Post
Open log Fermenting and gas-can secondary?? I am planning my next brew right now!!

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Apr 2011
Waukee, IA
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Well, I agree with everybody here that says that kegging is easier but I prefer bottling for a couple of reasons. 1. Money...bottling really costs next to nothing compared to kegging. Iowa has a bottle deposit so I just went to the local grocery store and paid for the deposit and I had all the bottles I wanted for .05 each. Granted I had to clean them but I figured my time was cheap. 2. Space...when I first started to home brew, I was living in a small house with a wife and two small kids so space was at a premium and a couple cases of bottles really doesn't take much space at all. wife and I seemed to spend a lot of our time socializing at other people's houses so it was easy to take a sixer to someone's house in small cooler. Also, my other passion is fishing and nothing beats fishing while drinking a home just hits the spot but its tough to take a keg and ice bucket on my small fishing boat...I suppose I could leave the wife at home...shhh...don't tell her that

Those are just a few quick things I thought of...


Reason: Can't type to save my life

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