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Nov 2011
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Asking this because I brewed a Chocolate Porter tonight and had some troubles transferring it into a better bottle. The last beers I've brewed I was lucky enough to have some vacant fermenter buckets, so the act of transferring the wort wasn't a big deal. No spillage at all. Tonight I had a lot more trouble.

Started with asking my roommate to hold the funnel into the carboy so I didn't have to worry about that. Now I don't know how I did it in the past, but tonight when I poured the wort in, I had some of it leaking down the side of my stock pot onto the floor and it just killed me knowing I lost some concentrated brew! ( I use a 4 gallon pot).

I must have been holding it weird or tilting it weird or maybe my funnel just isn't big enough. Wondering how you guys did it without all the hassle of cleaning up the dropped, and very precious, wort.


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Um, a racking cane, auto siphon or funnel. That carboy mouth is a tad small to pour wort into w/o, no?
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Nov 2011
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I got this nice double funnel...maybe at the grocery store. You put a smaller funnel into a larger one and there is a filter in it to catch anything as well as aerate wort. I use a strainer when i transfer my wort to my chill pot so I get 90% of everything out then. I actually open up a cabinet and put a small strainer on top of the funnels in the carboy. not necessary but it holds the funnels solid and the handle of the strainer rests on a shelf in the cabinet. Works like a charm every time.

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Feb 2011
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I use a 12-inch funnel with a screen inserted into it. Can buy that at any homebrew shop. I've never had a problem transferring into the primary.

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Dec 2011
Bristow, VA
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I purchased a funnel set when I started brewing that includes a massive funnel that I've been using to pour my wort into the primary. I just cover it with a grain bag as a strainer and start pouring. I do lose some in the process though, never had a clean pour yet. I've been considering using my auto-siphon or getting a stainless steel racking cane and using that to move the wort. Probably will try that on my next brew.
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Jul 2012
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You're getting the spillage from probably pouring slower due to the smaller target of the funnel. Its running back down the other side of the pot. That's why pitchers have the notched lip, it lets you pour faster while keeping the stream smaller. If you use a siphon to get it out of the better bottle, use it to put it in. Unless you have a fancy schmancy BB with a spigot... Best of luck.

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Jan 2012
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auto siphon with a clip on it. it is like having an extra pair of hands

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Sep 2012
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I do the whirlpool method in the brew kettle, let it sit for 20 minutes or so while I clean up, then rack to the carboy. Never have any problems with spillage. When I rack, I use a long tube from the racking cane and put the kettle on a high shelf and the carboy on the ground--the height disparity makes the siphon work faster, and I let the tube hang right at the top of the carboy so the beer falls a foot or so into the carboy, to help with aeration.

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Mar 2012
Greenfield, MA
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I transferred to a better bottle fermenter the other day and had an issue when the funnel was resting on the opening of the BB. Having limited space for air to escape from around the funnel, the wort kinda bubbled due to the pressure and some went over the side. Fixed that by having my brew day bi#&h (dad ) lift the funnel slightly from the BB opening.

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Oct 2012
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I just brewed my first batch and this was my biggest hiccup. I was actually transferring the cooled wort into a fermenting bucket, not a carboy, and I was pouring into an 8" funnel with a screen. My problem was that the sediment in the wort clogged the screen almost instantly. I tried pouring through a straining bag and had the same problem. It took me 3-4 pours between the bucket and pot to finally filter out most of the sediment in the wort. Is it normal to have so much sediment in the wort? I steeped the grains in a straining bag, but the other ingredients (malt extract and hops) I added straight into the wort.

The benefit, I guess, is that by this point the wort was good and aerated, but I have to find a better way next time. I have an auto-siphon, but I didn't think to use it at this stage in the process. Maybe I should have done that.


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