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Aug 2012
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Hey everyone. So I brewed up a spiced brown ale the other day. 6 days ago actually. Its an extract based recipe. I made a starter of WLP002, and pitched it at about 74 deg F, then brought the temp down into the mid 60's as White Labs website states thats the best ferm temps for this yeast.

Well, I had a LOT of activity within an hour or two of pitching. I had to use a blowoff tube as the krausen was pouring out of my tube. It was a 6 gal fermenter and was a crazy fermentation. I pitched the yeast around 1PM on Friday, and by Sunday morning there was pretty much no activity. Krausen was gone and very few if any bubbles from the airlock I replace the tube with. So, today I took a gravity reading to see where it was at since there really looks like no activity. Heres what it came out to be:

OG- 1.072
FG- 1.018 (as of yesterday)

That gives me an attuation of 75% and ehite labs states it attenuates 63-70%. I am thinking I wont be getting my gravity much lower.

Does this seem right?? Can this yeast really ferment that quickly?? That seems like a super fast ferment. Its my first time using a starter, and I was rather impressed with how quickly it started.

Recipe in case it matters:
9lb LME
1lb Belgian Candi Sugar
.5 Crystal 60
.5 lb Victory
.25lb Carapils
.25 Chocolate

1oz Perle hops for bittering at 60
.5oz Northern at 15 min

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Jul 2011
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Yes it can go through active fermentation that quick but most likely it's not yet done. Give it another week as it may still drop a few points as well as giving things a chance to clear up.
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Mar 2011
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the yeast will finish up doing other things as well, even if fermentation for the most part is done. just let em do their thing.
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My experiences with 002 have been pretty much the same as yours. Strong, active fermentation for a day or two then nothing. I still let it sit for about three weeks anyways to let the yeast clean up then clear.

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Oct 2009
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WLP002 is an awesome yeast, I got like 80% attenuation using it in my FW Union Jack IPA clone. It fermented to final gravity in less than 4 days.

For your beer next time I might recommend pitching at fermenting temp rather than so warm (74). The warm temp will certainly help the fermentation get off to a rapid start however could throw some off flavors as well.

Even though your beer is almost to FG I would also recommend letting it sit in primary for another 2 weeks to let the yeast cleanup after themselves.

Looks like a tasty recipe, you'll have to let us know how it turns out!

P.S. - WLP002 Flocs like a rock, you'll have crystal clear beer in no time with it.

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Aug 2012
East Bay, CA
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Well, I hope it didnt come across like I was going to keg it right away. I was just rather surprised that it could drop to pretty much the FG in that short of time. I am planning on letting it sit in the fermenter for about 3 more weeks. I am planning on adding orange peel and coriander after a few more days and letting it sit for another week before racking. I am rather impressed with this yeast so far. I think making my first ever starter did help also!

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Yep, my experience with Wyeast 1968 is very similar. Love that yeast.

Although with a Mild I just finished I thought that I would skip the starter and just pitch the smacked pack into my 1.038 wort. No activity for 48 hours, then a slow krauzen for half a day or so, and then a few days of ticking off a single gravity point per day until getting to FG, all in the span of a week or so. Wasn't bad, but not what I expected for such a small beer. So, even with small beers I think I will be making starters, even if it is a small one.

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Sep 2012
Sparta, TN
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I had the same experience six months ago. Same style, same yeast, same logic...I'll be making starters for my low gravity sessions as well. Beer turned out fine, ftr.

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Sep 2011
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I used it in a smoked mild (OG 1.036) a week and a half ago. Active ferment was over in TWO days, gave the carboy a good swirl, and again a couple of days later, and it had dropped bright in a week, and I didn't detect any diacityl, so I bottled it.
I know, I know, let it clean up. My logic is that if it has completely flocced out, then it is done working.
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Apr 2009
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I have an add on question about WLP002. I have not used this yeast in some time, so my memory (and notes) are a bit foggy on the subject. Has anybody had a problem with this yeast kicking off a bit slow when not making a starter?

I didn't under pitch by any means. I just found myself with ingredients and a day off yesterday so I made an English Brown. Since I didn't have time for a starter, I made a trip to the brew shop and picked up 2 vials of 002 before commencing the brew day. My particulars:

- 1.054 SG (mashed at 154 for a little residual malt sweetness)
- 5 gallons, pitched 2 vials of WLP002 that had come up to room temperature while I was chilling the wort and cleaning up my gear
- Wort was reading 66F on the fermometer on my better bottle, right in the sweet spot for this yeast.
- Best by date on both vials was Feb 10, 2013 (which means it was likely packaged just 2 or 3 weeks ago).
- Aerated with about 90 sec of pure O2 before pitching

Pitched both vials at 6 pm yesterday. When I left for work at 730 this morning, I had no krausen or signs of active ferment in the BB. I roused the yeast once last night and again this morning as I know this yeast has a temp to floc like a stone.

If memory serves, I think the last time I tried making a starter with this yeast, I had a little trouble getting it to kick off initially in the flask. Once it got going, it grew like crazy. I pitched that starter at high krausen so it had no trouble getting going. I am just wondering if this time, with mid 60s for temps and the fact that the yeast still had to wake up from a dead sleep since they were effectively dormant in the vial.

Not overly concerned. More curious than anything else.

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