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I'm not really a fan of super light American lagers and any of my friends who try my brews try them because they are either open minded or because they enjoy good beer.
That being said I completely understand where OP is coming from. My brother and his wife love Coors and refuse to try any of my beer, which by comparison are very "big" but I would like to try my hand at an American lager that isn't very flavorful to try to convert them. I don't want to push them into anything, I'm just confident that they would enjoy some of my beers
Also I'd like to see them spend more of their beer dollars on commercial brews that are not the big 3, but that's another debate altogether.

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Originally Posted by cfonnes View Post
You may find that a good light American lager is harder to brew than you think.
This. I've never brewed one (hope to soon) but making a great (for example) Helles I've found to be much more difficult than making a lot of "real" beer styles (IPA, stout, etc.). There's nowhere to hide flaws with the more delicate beers.
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Originally Posted by cfonnes View Post
You may find that a good light American lager is harder to brew than you think.
Oh I absolutely agree. Everything I've read so far suggests that brewing lagers is challenging enough, but to attempt to brew a light lager is harder still, requiring meticulous attention to sanitization, temperatures, timing, technique, and so on.

But personally, I find that part of the draw of it. The challenge of brewing something that appears so deceptively simple, yet in actuality is quite unforgiving. I guess a part of me hopes that in brewing a few light lagers, I might even learn a few techniques that would carry over into ale-brewing to result in even better ales.

My primary motivation was to have a beer I can serve friends who "don't like homebrew," then hit them with a "Surprise! That's a homebrew." But I also like a challenge, and part of me just wants to see if I can pull it off. Anyone else feel the same way?

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Yeah the challenge would be the fun of it. From what I read, you'd know your methods are good if you can read a newspaper through your delicately flavored fizzy yellow beer.
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I'm not sure I'd go through the trouble of making a light lager just for my lite beer drinking friends. Brewing a lager takes time and it's a lot of work. Especially light lagers and pilsners. If I'm going to the trouble of making a lager, it's going to be something I want to drink. I'd just stick to a cream ale or blonde like others have suggested. You can have those fermented out in a week. I usually keep some type of cream ale on tap for company and because I like to have something light on one tap and something heavier on the other for variety.

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Nope. Fuc k the homies, they can bring their own beer if they don't like what I'm offering for free

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I'd just do a blonde, very similar taste and much, much, much easier.
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Originally Posted by kombat View Post
...I'm absolutely baffled that people seem to have this irrational, instinctive aversion to homebrew beer. I say, "Hey, can I get you a beer?" They say, "Sure, what kind do you have?" "I've got a nice medium-bodied pale ale and a stout." They ask, "OK, but what kind is it? Stella? Heineken?" "No, they're homebrews." Then they back away. "Oh, OK then, don't worry about it, I'm fine with water."...
Stop telling them it's homebrew up front.
"OK, but what kind is it? Stella? Heineken?"
"It's new... kinda like Heineken..."
"How did ya like it? Could you even tell it was a homebrew?"

Really just brew a blonde/cream ale/etc. and just tell them it's new and kinda like any of their favourite beers, sounds like they wouldn't even know it is not a lager anyway.

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Originally Posted by kombat View Post
Yesterday, I finally snagged a freezer to use for making lagers, with the intention of having a beer on tap to be able to offer my friends who prefer light, American-style lagers. But as I prepare to make my first lager, the more I read about it, the more it seems there's a bit of "class snobbery" surrounding brewing such beers.

I'm curious - do you guys keep a batch of "plain, boring" light lager on tap to offer your friends who don't like the richer character of a homebrew ale?
Not unless I'min the mood to drink it. Most of my friends don't care for the style, but sometimes it's just the right thing. I brew delicious, complex lagers for all of us.
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I brew light American lagers. It's good practice for when I go pro and take over the BMC scene. $$$

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