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Originally Posted by WTexan View Post
Yes I did add some liquid sugar and my wife did unplug my refrigerator on me by accident. When I found it the next morning it was at 80 digress.
Also I am using the O2 in the red bottle like you get from Lowes are Home Depot.
That sounds like the issue, and not the aeration.

Simple sugars can get "hot" tasting, and if the fermentation got up to 80 degrees, any fermentation can get that way. Combining the two will provide solvent-y fusel alcohols.
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I do it with the stone in the bottom of my carboy. With pure o2 there really isnt a need to have the wort run over the stone.
As Yooper said it may not be the cause of the problem,
but I think it may have contributed to it.
Running your o2 for just a minute or 2 with your valve not caranked fully open should be plenty of oxygen for 5 gallons. Any more and your probably wasting it and may run the risk of over aerating.

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Yes I did add some liquid sugar and my wife did unplug my refrigerator on me by accident. When I found it the next morning it was at 80 digress.
+1.....I think the combo of these two were your issue, not the aeration.
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Is there a better way to aerate other that o2? Before I used o2 I was shaking it for a bit in the carboy but a friend said o2 would produce better beer.

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This does not sound like over-aeration. This sounds like Fussel Alcohols caused by fermentation temps that were too high.

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Astringent flavors aren't from over aerating, it's definitely due to 80+ degree temps and maybe enhanced by having simple sugars in such a hot fermentation.
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can i drink this? I mean. Im gunna. But is it fine?
Originally Posted by yeoitsmatt View Post
it's not a barley wine. it's an ale.
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+1 to all of the above

The liquid sugar and 80F fermentation cause the paint thinner taste. However, I think your aeration method really kicked it into high gear. Pure O2 will produce stronger yeast and get you better attenuation, but it only takes 90 seconds of O2. Your method is completely saturating it, which can really mess up your flavor profile. This thread talks about how anything that causes rapid yeast growth (O2, temperature, nutrients) will increase fusel production.

On a side note, haven't I read somewhere that Brett can break down fusels? If you haven't bottled yet, that might salvage the batch. It will always be a little wacky, but it's better than paint thinner right?

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