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Sounds like you like sweeter beers. Try an English Mild, Southern English Brown, Brown Porter, Etc.
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Originally Posted by sput View Post
Boiled down, I'm looking for a beer to make that would broaden my horizons while potentially fitting my tastes. Something more malty than hoppy but still a little complicated, a little roasty, and a touch sweet.
Have you tried many porters? You mentioned liking Guiness, which actually started life as a porter. Porters definitely have the roasty character you're after, and many of them have that sweetness too. Robust Porters have some of the sweetness, Baltic Porters have more of it. Vanilla Porters are relatively common, and those also tend to feature some added sweetness from the vanilla.

Some English brown ales (a guy in my brew club recently took best in show at a homebrew comp with, I think, a Northern English brown) can also feature a nice roasty note, but less of the sweetness.

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Originally Posted by sput View Post
Boiled down, I'm looking for a beer to make that would broaden my horizons while potentially fitting my tastes. Something more malty than hoppy but still a little complicated, a little roasty, and a touch sweet.
I've recently become infatuated with Imperial Red Ales. Nosferatu is a good example. It fits your bill perfectly. It's on the malty side, and bitter, but not super-hoppy. Give one a try. I just brewed one, but I'm still in primary.
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maybe i've missed something while skimming through here, but has anybody mentioned anything hefeweizen? i just see that the OP isn't thrilled with the heavy hop hitters like IPA's, and stated he likes things a little malty/sweet. all i know is Hefes such as Franziskaner Weissbier go down pretty smooth, if you're exploring
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Maybe we're all going about this the wrong way. By all means, try as many beers as you can to find out what you do like, but in the meantime, why not just focus on brewing techniques? Find recipes that call for techniques you've never done before, to interest the science lover in you. Maybe try some SMaSH recipes to understand the flavors of certain ingredients. Then, when it's done, drink it with a critical eye (tongue?) and maybe track the flavors in a tasting journal. Indulge the part of the hobby you seem to love, and before too long, I bet you're drinking and appreciating all kinds of beer, and if not, at least you're not just brewing disappointment after disappointment. Good luck!

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In your case I would recomend exploring traditional english styles. All very malt forward slight sweet beers. Especially Fuller's. Sounds like American styles aren't floating your boat.

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Jan 2012
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but I also need a change at times too. What fits this is something heavier than guiness (what isn't) with very little hop charge. 2 on the top of my list would be Lgunitas's WTF, sweet roasty malt and Bells Oberon, yellow, about 40% wheat which in my mind smoooooths out this beer into a mild deliciousness that non-beer drinkers (BMC drinkers) as well as experienced beer drinkers really like.

Fat Tire, the gateway beer, (gateway to craft beer), may be worthy as well.

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try a bottle of Old speckled hen or Old crafty hen. Sounds to me like that'd be the kind of beer you'd enjoy.

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I'm leaning towards Scottish Ales. Generally more malt forward and flavorful.

There are LOTS of different kinds of beers and you know you don't have to brew just the known categories. Feel free to mash high and hold back on the hops if you like. Add a bit of crystal to a pale ale, or brew up a stout with some lactose.

English Mild is also light on body and alcohol, but loaded with flavor and very malty. And it is ready to drink right away.

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Lots of excellent advice and suggestions here.

So a bottle shop shopping list:
(milk stout)
(Oud bruin)
Rodenbach (red)
Goose Island(ipa)
Victory Prima (pils)
Troegs Perpetual/nugget nectar/pale ale (ipa/I amber/ale)
Nosferatu (red ale)
Lagunitas wtf (american strong brown ale)
Bells oberon(ale)
Old speckled/crafty hen (english ale)

Recipe list:
(milk stout)
(oatmeal raisin raspberry porter)
(scottish ale)
(English mild/brown)
(english mild)
(some heineken/bmc/clone)

anyone care to fill in the blanks?

I have had a few Hefeweizens and I've enjoyed them all. Before I started homebrewing if the bar had a hefe I'd likely order it.

Is rauchbier anything like smoked tea? While I love my weber smokey bullet, that smoked tea I had was terrible.

The schwarzbier was good for a lager(I prefer ales) and something worth making a few gallons of.

I've been splitting batches lately to try how different yeasts and temps effect flavor profiles on identical mash and ingredients with some surprising and delicious results. The plus side is I get two beers without increasing the brewday, of course it takes an extra fermenter and I only have 13. 6x5gal buckets, 2x2.5gal glass, 1x5gal glass, 2x5gal nalgene, 1xsanky sixtel, 1x2.5gal flexy.

My lagering is currently being done in a cold stairwell while outside temps are cool enough but the converted minifridge (currently a cell culture incubator, send yeast!) will get repurposed when the temps drop further.

Lady friend is coming Thurs and will be making the pitt stop at LHBS (2hrs away) for ingredients so I have till thurs morning to decide on recipes and call it in.

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