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Oct 2010
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Try a Mild.

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Feb 2011
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Next time you sample some beer, just pour a couple ounces. If you don't like it, slap a new cap on it and send it me. I'm going to pretend that you didn't just admit to dumping a big foot.
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Jul 2011
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I negotiated my allowable vices with my wife. I told her drinking, smoking and women, just pick two. Perhaps you have not found your calling.

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Sep 2008
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I don't know if you have lagering capabilities but if you do I would highly recommend a Swartzbier. I always tell my friends that it is the German version of a stout.
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Sep 2010
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Surprised nobody has mentioned this. Try 1-2.5 gallon batches. Since you're not a big drinker these would be perfect and if you really don't like a batch you only have 10 beers (1 gal batch).

That's what I'd do, or find a new hobby, or quit complaining about you being so picky on our message board! (Just kidding)

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Aug 2011
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Well, I don't like Guiness, so you and I don't have the same taste. But I'll admit to not really loving beer before I started brewing. Yep, I thought the same thing as most people reading this- why the hell start homebrewing if you don't like beer? But it turns out, I do actually like beer, I just don't like the beers I was getting. I'd just as soon drink water as BMC. I'm not slamming BMC, by the way, they're just not anything I want to drink. Strangely, I kind of like Sapporo but that's another story.
I actually tried my first Wee Heavy when I brewed it. Same with a dubbel and same with a Maibock. I really really like my Maibock. And when I had a party and gave it to people, I saw this beatific smile on a friend's face and he just said "as long as I have one of these, I'm a happy man."

So I'm with you, really. Find what you like, and brew that better than anyone. And once you've made a few, you'll know what flavors you want, and you can start making your own recipes. I don't like bitterness, can't really take it. Maybe I'm a supertaster, who knows? But I made a hop-bursted IPA where I didn't put in any hops at all until 5 minutes from the end of the boil. Most people wouldn't even call it an IPA, but quite a few people call it the best beer they've tasted.
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Sir Humpsalot
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Nov 2006
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Originally Posted by sput View Post
Recommend a commercial Pale Ale?
Sorry. No can do. I don't like most Pale Ales at the bottle shop. The things I like in a Pale Ale just don't hold up well over time. I like lots of flavor and aroma hops, without too much bitterness.

Try Goose Island's IPA. Despite being a touch on the bitter side, it has a lot of flavor and aroma that is fantastic. That's what I aim for with my Pale Ales now... like Goose Island's IPA, but a bit thinner, with less bitterness and a bit more flavor/aroma. Victory Prima Pils is another beer worth trying... obviously, it's not a Pale Ale, but as pilseners go, you get a real fresh hop aroma with that and it's quite pleasing. A lot of people who don't like highly-hopped beers take one whiff of Prima Pils and a lightbulb goes off in their head. In the alternative, any locally-produced pils in a brown bottle would probably be a good bet.

If I had to bet on a good Pale Ale, I'd bet that Southern Tier's is good. They make a damn fine beer, IMO... but if you really didn't like their 2xIPA then maybe theirs isn't the one for you.

But yeah, try the sours!

And you haven't mentioned Hefeweizen... easily one of the most accessible beer styles. Have you tried one? have you brewed one? Franziskaner, Paulaner, Hoegarden....
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I think milk stout is a good idea. Try an altbier and also try a scottish ale with a touch of smoked or peated malt. Rauchbier would also be worth a try. So would roggenbier.
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Jun 2012
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I would definitely recommend Troeg's Perpetual IPA or even better Nugget Nectar. Two great IPAs and you can support a PA brewery.

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Mar 2012
spokane, wa
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Originally Posted by sput View Post
These replies were all way better than I could have hoped for. Really. LMFAO

First two were extract, next ten were all-grain.

As for asking my friends what to brew, well that's a lost cause since the answer is either going to be miller, bud, or heineken.
take it as a challenge and a chance to step up your game.
Brew an american light lager or a classic american pilsner.

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