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Sanatize the hydrometer and put it directly in the wort/beer. No separate test jar needed!!
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Originally Posted by menerdari View Post
For the record, not all hydrometer packing tubes will work as test tubes. I bought 2 and both came in the same square tube, too short, too narrow and too tight.
You got jipped. You should call and complain about not receiving you cheap plastic tube!
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Originally Posted by mtrogers14
Any ideas on something to use as a hydrometer test vessel until I can get one. My LHBS is out and I don't want to wait and pay to have one shipped. There has got to be an everyday home item that I can get at a retail store to hold me over......right ??
Like others have said, any vessel that appears to be like the original. But if you don't have one and did an extract brew and feel like you did a good job, your OG from the recipe will probably be pretty close. If you were asking right before pitching, I have at times, just put it in the bucket. If you are already in fermentation wait a couple of weeks and check a few days apart to see if your brew stops fermenting. Nothing really to worry about, you'll remember next time now for sure. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by unionrdr View Post
Good one revs. I didn't think of the bud vase thing. Pretty darn close,isn't it?
And made of glass....which may or may not be a good thing.
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Well,he would have to be carefull with it. I use aquarium lift tube brushes to clean such things,so that's cool.
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Do you need to use a test tube, or could you just drop it in to the fermenting beverage? I'm brewing in a one gallon carboy, so getting a sample would be a bit of a pain.

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Go to any hobby shop that has science stuff, and you should be able to get a graduated cylinder - that's the official name of what you're looking for. They come in all kinds of materials, plastic is usually the cheapest.
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Man I don't miss my hydrometer one bit

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Originally Posted by WhatIsBeer View Post
Do you need to use a test tube, or could you just drop it in to the fermenting beverage? I'm brewing in a one gallon carboy, so getting a sample would be a bit of a pain.
Just make sure it's sterilized before you put it in there. Also, if you drop it in there and hits bottom it will break, leaving you with a bit of an issue.
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Now I am cheap, take a sheet of paper, take a sheet of plastic cling film, food wrap, halve and join edges of cling film, roll the paper with the cling film, and you have produced your own temporary test tube. It only has to hold for 5mins, easy, cost virtually zero, effectiveness 100%.

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