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Oct 2005
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What is it that Heinlein wrote?

Always store beer in a dark place

Jason 'Kornkob' Robinson

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Go for the Blue if you like it. Just drink it in the dark. I bottle in clear bottles. I try to tempt the Beer Gods daily. I store the bottles in milk crates covered with an old blanket to keep the light out. All beer should be stored in the dark, brown glass or not. Blue shouldn't be any different.
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Oct 2005
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"The hop compounds that are responsible for making beer bitter are called isomerized alpha-acids. These chemicals, along with sulfur compounds found in beer, are also culpable in beer skunking. When ultraviolet light hits beer, it provides the energy necessary to drive a reaction that transforms the iso-alpha-acids into 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol. The “thiol” part of that somewhat cumbersome name indicates that there is sulfur present. Sulfur compounds often have strong, offensive aromas. Some musteline animals, like skunks, have evolved the ability to produce this chemical, and use it for self-defense.

In a sense, the aroma of light-struck beer doesn’t just resemble skunk spray, it is skunk spray! It’s the same stuff!"
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I googled some on light struck beer, and it is theVISIBLE light that causes the reaction to 'eau de skunk'. Particularly, it is blue light that does it. Now, I would think that since the bottle looks blue, it must be reflecting the blue rays away from the beer, else it would seem clear from outside. Anybody care to try googling "light transmission of colored glass"? I woud think that whatever brewery packs beer in blue bottles would understand, but I've also read that many european brewers think that Americans LIKE skunky beer, so use green and clear too?

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