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Wife used to give me $20 for gas per week. $15 went in tank and $5 went in the ash tray! Once a year I would buy a new G Loomis fishing rod. Now I get whatever I want so no stash needed.
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I have a poker bankroll that I keep in secure boxes at a couple of the local casinos. I have had one for many years. When we first got married, I used part of it to pay for our wedding/honeymoon expenses.

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Originally Posted by dkwolf View Post
From what I can tell, there's two kinds of cash reserves being discussed here; emergency cash reserves - which I do keep a few hundred in a safe, and "hide from the wife" money. Four different couples that I'm friends with operate on the same system; they each have a 'slush fund' account at the bank. Both his and her paychecks get deposited into a joint account, and then a monthly "allowance" gets automatically transferred to the slush fund, and the other person has absolutely no say in what gets purchased. One couple, she blows her 'allowance' each month on massages and gourmet coffee; he saves his up for a couple months and buys a new pair of work boots or an air compressor.
You know, that's a great idea - an easy way to not argue about who's spending frivolously on "junk" - an "allowance" may be the way to go. I think that will finally get those staches, I mean stashes out of the closet!

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Aug 2012
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Each of us simply pay a portion of the bills and keep our checking accounts separate. She sometimes keeps cash on hand, I prefer to keep a couple hundred on me because like previously mentioned, I spend less when I have bills on me.

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Joint checking account pays all the bills, including the credit card that in the past was used as a seemingly endless secret stash. Soon the credit card will be paid off leaving money in the account at the end off the month. Hopefully some of this will make it into a stash of my own.
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Once we're married our plan is to have a joint account where the majority of both of our paychecks will go so it more than covers all bills, vehicle maintenance, etc, and the rest will go into our own accounts.
"Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live on nothing but food and water." W.C. Fields

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