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Feb 2007
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I put this one together not more than a week ago and it is fermenting very fast and hard at this time, it has a great peach smell still.

3 Gallons Sam's Choice White Grape/Peach Juice (no preservatives)
2 Cans of Welch’s White Grape/Peach concentrate (no preservatives)
5 lbs Orange Blossom Honey - Raw, filtered only
Water to bring up to 6 gallons
1 tsp. Wyeast Nutrient
1 Pack Red Star Champagne Yeast

I brought one gallon of the juice up to 130 degrees and then dissolved the honey and the juice concentrate and added the nutrient. Added the warm mix to the primary bucket with the two gallons of remaining juice and added water to fill to 6 gallons. Pitched yeast at 90 degrees or so. Still bubbling very stong and shows no signs of slowing down yet. Anyone ever make anything like this one?

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May 2007
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Not with the peach blend but it sounds great. Just for future reference you might want to try the Lalvin 71B when using fruit, especially bright aromatics like peaches. I wish I would have stayed with my first choice of it with the Kiwi/strawberry but I wanted the higher ABV of the 1118. It just lacks nose that the 71B gives.

Once again this sounds great. Keep us updated on how it turns out, I am sure it will be a very white Melomel!
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Dec 2006
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recipe sounds good... just for future reference I NEVER heat juice any more... i had heated a little apple juice to disolve honey and the cider never cleared (it is now 9 months later) however when i heated a little water for the honey then added the juice it cleared very quickly (the batch I started a month ago is crystal clear) the recipe is exactly the same.. the only thing I changed was not heating the juice... I guess it has something to do with pectins in the juice that make it hazy.. I don't know how it works.. just that it does..
But then again... it doesn't affect the taste so enjoy this batch.. definatly keep us updated... also did you take a gravity reading before pitching they yeast??


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