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Oct 2012
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Hello guys,
Im from Germany and like all of us germans of cause I love beer :-)
Tried to brew my own once but horribly failed.
Cudos to all of you who have succeded making a fine brew !

I am not a native speaker so if I do not use the right terms or my grammar is off a little bit please excuse.

As it seems here in this forum are very knowlegeable folks concerning PID controlled heating maybe someone is willing and able to help.

What to do when you need more power than you can get from one wall outlet?

I have build a PID heating controller with 1SSR+ 1contactor but it has only 1x 2500W element.
In Germany we usually have 230V~ 16A wall outlets this gives a maximum of 3600W which can be drawn fron a single outlet , safely lets say 3000W for continuous use. We only have : Live, neutral and grounds here.

If you need more power you usually need a 400V 3 phase outlet which I do not have and cannot have installed.

I want to use two 2500W elements powered from different wall outlets/circuits (each separately fused and rated 230V16A)

What can I do to use one PID to control 2 heating elements simultanuously each powered by different wall outlets?

Looking at some of the diagrams presented here suggests this has been done for 120V and would also be possible for my situation.

I can use one PID to controll 2 SSR simultanuously with no problems?
For safety reasons I would like to use a gfci (I will need 2 of those, i think?) and both contactors controlled by a single switch so both of the elements are not live when the switch is activated.
Its not necessary to be able to individually switch the elements on/off, both can be always on when in use. PID should also stay on and show temperature even when the elements are switched off. I only want to control the heating elements.

I already have as parts :
an auberins SYL-2352
and also a SYL-2352P
(I think I could use either one?)

2x 40A SSR
2x contactors 230V coil, AC1 230V, 40A (moeller/Eaton DILMP20)

Even if you are not familiar with the german electric system in particular it would be very helpful to know if in theory this could be built.

sorry for my crude drawing, still needs main switches and a few control lights added but this is in basic terms what i Want somehow:

Kind regards

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Apr 2011
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I can use one PID to controll 2 SSR simultanuously with no problems?
yes, you can. Your drawing is basically correct. the output of the PID controller would be connected to each of the SSRs in parrallel (just as it is in the picture). You will also need two GFCI outlets, one for each plug, as you have pictured.

you Germans are lucky you have 230v available! most of us in the U.S. only have 120v outlets to work with (1500w-2000w).

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