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Sep 2012
hopewell, ny
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So I've got 2 batches of cider going...

First batch put together last Saturday-
5 gallons of cider
1lb of dextrose
2tsp of DAP
2.5tsp of Pectin Enzyme
S04 yeast

This one started bubbling with 2 hours and went pretty strong for a day or two. It's slowed down, but I ended up adding some more sugar last night because I broke not only my hydrometer, but also a scale, so last week I had to eyeball it until the new scale came. It seems to be percolating up again a little.

Second batch put together last Sunday-
5 gallons of cider
3lbs of clover honey
0.5tsp of DAP
2.5tsp of Pectin Enzyme
S04 yeast

This one didn't start off as fast as the first batch, but as of now it is chugging along nicely.

Couple questions have come up since I started these...

First- The area I have to store the carboys about 75 degrees. Is that too warm? The other option is to put these in the garage, but that is much cooler maybe 60 degrees +/- 5 degrees. It's more convenient to keep them where they are at, but if it means a ruined batch, I can move it to the garage come secondary ferment.

Second- Sort of sanitizing a funnel and pouring dextrose through the funnel, is there any special sanitizing process for adding dry goods?

Third- I have come to realize that there is a significant time component between starting a batch and actually drinking it. Is there anything I can brew that has a quicker turnaround while I wait?


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Jul 2012
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I believe the temperature your batch is fermenting at has to do with which yeast you're using. Certain yeast works best a certain temp range. You should be able to check your brand of yeast online for more info if it's not already on the package.

As for sanitizing, as long as everything is clean, it doesn't matter what you do.

Aging, as far as I know, has to do with getting rid of the hot alcohol taste that can make some brews taste like rocket fuel. As a result, the lower the alcohol content, the less aging you have to do. If you want a quick cider, I would make one with no added sugar at all.

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