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Default Gf beer

What would be used as the base malt for a GF beer is it sorghum or are there other base malts out there??? after donig some reading i could also use things like buckwheat, White Quinoa, Amaranth and Red Quinoa. would I use these like carmal malts??

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At this point most GF beers are extract based using any combo of sorghum, brown rice syrup, rice syrup solids, honey, etc.

Some are working on all grain GF brewing, but it's still a work in progress. That is except for chestnuts, but the resultant beer from chestnuts has gotten mixed reviews.

Many do however use GF grains like you suggested for specialty grains. There is a sticky on GF ingredients above.

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Like Thanatos said, it's experimental. There is a guy in Australia(correct me if I'm wrong, somebody probably has the link) that has a process pretty well down for GF all-grain. All the grains you describe could be used for GF AG brewing, the problem is getting them malted consistently. From my own malting experiments, quinoa is very easy to malt. Sorghum isn't tough either. My two attempts with millet got moldy before they modified, YMMV. There are also a couple of oat malts, Fawcett Oat Malt and Simpson Golden Naked Oats, that some people use and have success with.
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The guy in Australia also has his own gluten free brewery and produces some very nice beers. There is a beer out of Germany (Schnitzer brau) that uses millet as its base malt and it is a pretty good drop as well. Any malted gluten free grain or gluten free syrup can be used as the base it just depends on the flavor you want. There are even rice beers that use only rice as their base, I think there are some threads here somewhere or it might be on the Aus forums.
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