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May 2012
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Let's say that I brewed a beer and used way, way too much malt extract and way, way too little water. Let's say I even threw in 2 yeast packages because the starting gravity was so far off (above 1.1). And let's say that I tasted the beer two weeks later, and it basically tastes like 10% abv + wort.

What do I do to save this?

edit: Few extra details... OG was over 1.1, after fermentation it's down to maybe 1.065? Forget exactly, but suffice to say it tastes like boozy sugar water. I'm working with about 3 gallons of beer, for what is allegedly going to be some sort of DIPA.

What am I hoping to hear? I am hoping to hear something along the lines of "oh, just throw more water and yeast in it" or something simple to fix it. That would be ideal, but I have no idea if that is possible at this point in the process.

The "beer" is currently 3 weeks old.
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Jul 2011
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Boil a few gallons of water cool it down and start adding it to you wort. Tast as you go. Only other option is to brew another beer and add this to it.
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Nov 2011
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1.065 is way high for a final gravity. What yeast did you use? Did you make a starter? What temp are you fermenting at?
Personally, I'd let it ride for another week or so then take another reading. Plan on dry hopping it once, maybe twice.
I don't think your FG should be over 1.028ish. That's going to dry it out significantly. If you pitched two of yeast, I wouldn't add more unless the strain is very low alcohol tolerant.
FWIW, my barleywine OG is 1.114 and still fermenting after two weeks. Three weeks isn't very long for such a big beer. If you want to thin it out you can boil some water, let it cool down to fermentation temps and add it.

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Oct 2011
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I would say make it a 5 gallon batch by adding water and make a yeast starter and repitch.

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Maybe make a couple more beers and use some of this mixed in with them. That sounds like syrup... not beer
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+1 to snaps10. Depending on how far above 1.100 gravity you started you could have a fair amount of alcohol on there. Knowing your recipe would help make that determination. From your description "boozy sugar water" my guess is fermentation temps are too high, and it needs to go another few weeks. Just going off it tasting boozy, and not knowing the fermentation conditions I can only guess that it may benefit to be in a cooler environment.
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Mar 2011
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Is this the Zombie Reagan Citra IPA in your signature??

Did you aerate the wort when you pitched the yeast, like shake it, wisk it, etc.?? What was the yeast?
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Nov 2011
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Soooo.... How'd it turn out? What'd you do?

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