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Originally Posted by rdwj
I don't get it. I'm sure that's a typo - right?
Cool, as in cold. Not friendly. I finally got fed up with them. Too bad, because they had a nice business set up.

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One of the brewers I know in Southern California owns a little condo, so he goes to a BOP. He loves it. It lets him do things like make ten batches of ale for a wedding in a few days, which would be just about impossible for most of us.
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We have one here in Washington state located in a city called Edmonds (17mi N of Seattle). I have walked by the shop but never gone in, I spoke to our licensing board and they said they operate under a microbrew lic. I never thought I would go to one but I like the idea of brewing large batches for special events that was just posted.

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I know that at the MoreBeer in Riverside has BOP, but Im not sure if they let you do it yourself, or thats just the projects for the store itself. They also had a setup in Culver City that has it. So clearly its legal here in California.
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we have one here in mn not a bad deal to, you can do wine or beer

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I have never used one, although had some beers from people who have. I found the beers ok - but that may not be the BOP's fault.
When picking up some supplies, I found 3-4 of these places tried to sell the fact that their equipment was the secret to making good beer. I also found that some of the workers seemed the place was some exclusive club that they had control over. All but one of these places used generic bulk LME and pre-crushed grains. I know that both were quite stale since they only ordered every few months.
I would only recommend one if I knew that the newbie didn't have room for a carboy at home, and that the owners were good people.

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Originally Posted by traderearl
We have one here in Washington state located in a city called Edmonds (17mi N of Seattle). I have walked by the shop but never gone in, I spoke to our licensing board and they said they operate under a microbrew lic. I never thought I would go to one but I like the idea of brewing large batches for special events that was just posted.
Maybe that works at some BOPs but I know my coworker who went to the local BOP had to reserve a brew time about 3 months in advance. Doesn't sound like it would be easy to brew for an event there.

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Originally Posted by TheJadedDog
We used to have one in RI, went pretty strong for a while. I think the only reason it closed was that the owner moved due to his "real" job relocating him but I'm not sure.

I started out brewing there (brewers heaven). They were awesome and took care of all of the sanitizing, fermenting, etc. great recipe's, expert support, nice atmosphere, and 15 gallon batches (well, 5 cases)

I (and my associates) were very disappointed when he closed up. He said he was going to reopen, but it never happened.

Oddly enough, just a few months ago the state legislature passed a BOP bill to allow for 5 licenses statewide for BOP shops. The big downside is that there can be no drinking on the premises, which is rather limiting since you would probably want to try your freshly brewed beer or determine what you want to brew.

In any event, they were a booming business right up until they shut down. He'd been there 5 years and every time I was there he had a three or four groups brewing and two or three groups bottling.

So now I just homebrew and none of the other 4 people I used to brew with are homebrewers now (but they drink my homebrews quite readily).
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Originally Posted by CBBaron
I believe there are two in the greater Cleveland area. A coworker has done several batches at one of them. It is a bar, brewpub and BOP rolled into one and appears to be a good hang out place whether brewing or just going to the bar. Both BOPs have been in business a number of years but the one nearest to me just moved to the other side of town so I'm not sure of their current status.

Where in Cleveland, anytime I can hang out with other been enthusiast WHILE drinking beer sounds like a good time.
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We had a great one in Tempe, just across from the ASU Stadium. My dad did a couple batches there back in the late 90s. They went out of business, unfortunately and the building is now a Sushi joint.

Oh yeah, the fish is always fresh in AZ...

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