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Hobby 77 53.47%
Hobby(maybe a job in the future) 57 39.58%
Job right now 10 6.94%
Voters: 144. You may not vote on this poll

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I think for me, this would be a case of if you do something you love to do, you'll never work a day in your life. Even right now I enjoy being part of something that is rooted in centuries of history. If I took it to the next level and got my beer out in the marketplace, then I would feel like I have left my mark on the legacy that is beer. That would be a great thing!

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I spent a day last year with one of the brewers at our local brewery. The brewery was started by a few homebrewing brothers and a friend that was a chemist. His take on it was that he really missed the fun of homebrewing, and playing with recipes. As a comercial brewery they have to brew the same beers over and over again and have to worry about them tasting the same each time. There is the whole business side to worry about also. I surprisingly there isnt alot of brewing going on. He said 90% of the time is kegging, cleaning, and paperwork. On this tuesday morning, that still doesnt sound that bad.

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Oh god, I read this as 'hoppy or job' and starting thinking about whether I would give up IPAs or quit my job first.

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Originally Posted by bovineblitz View Post
and starting thinking about whether I would give up IPAs or quit my job first.
that's a tough one...

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It’ll definitely stay a hobby. It might be my paranoid OCD personality, but I don’t want have to worry about pleasing customers with my beer. I’ve had many offers to buy my homebrew. I always use the, “It’s illegal” excuse, but truth is brewing is fun now. If I had to worry about someone thinking that they didn’t get their money’s worth, it would take away the pleasure I get from sharing with friends.

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Just a hobby here. Like many others, I think if I was obligated, it would take a lot of the fun out of it. I was planning on kegging a batch on Sunday, but just didnt feel like it. I had no qualms about putting it off a day. You can do that when it's a hobby.

Maybe years from now, if I'm in a position where I'm not dependent upon X amount of annual income, I may look into working at an already established brewery, but I doubt I'd have the cajones to risk it all on a startup of my own.

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This is only a hobby for me.

I have no interest in it being a job. I don't have the attention span nor the attention to detail to have it be a job where other people rely on me. I am keen on details like santation...but if my recipe calls for 3 Lb of extract and I put in 2.98Lb or 3.06Lb I really ain't giving a crap. If a recipe calls for a dry hop at day 5 and I put it in at day 4...whoopty doo. This is a hobby and I love what I'm doing.

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Hobby for me at this point. I think at some point everyone thinks it would be fun to be able to run a brewpub and market their beers, but I think I remember someone saying at some point that being a professional brewer is (paraphrasing big time) like 1% brewing, 9% cleaning, and 90% paperwork, invoices, tax preparation, and all the other not fun stuff involved in running a business.

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Getting pretty close to opening my own nano. It's been a great process. Through my current job in local agriculture and the nano project I have gotten to know a lot of other local businesspeople. One thing I have learned is that entrepreneurs work very, very, very hard. Like all the time. During harvest season some of the winery guys work from 5 AM-midnight.

The thing is, all my friends who work white-collar jobs hate them. I'd rather work long hours at a job I like than a regular 9-5 souless job.
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Its the standard pipe dream of most HBT'ers when they first start out and the obsession sets in.

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