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Jan 2012
Ventura, CA
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I hope I'm posting this correctly, Long time lurker, first time posting.
I have two styles of beer that will be ready for bottling Oct 12th, one is an All Grain Pumpkin Ale (In secondary) and the other is an all Grain Hefeweizen (in primary), my question is... I have 1 bottling bucket, can I get away with cleaning and sanitizing my bottling bucket once, bottling my Hefe first (since the pumpkin has a lot of spices) once complete add another batch of priming sugar, syphon my pumpkin ale into the bottling bucket and bottle away with the second batch? Or to be safe just clean and sanitize again, sort of curious if anyone has done a double style bottling without infections consequences.

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Sep 2012
Grand Rapids, MI
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Unless the first batch is infected, or you leave a lot of it behind in the bucket and rack the second beer on top of it it should be fine.

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I would clean, and sanitize, the bucket and everything that will come into contact with your second batch. IMO, it's beyond foolish to try and cut corners at that stage. For one thing, you'll have a flavor influence from the first batch on the second one if you don't at least clean everything.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but I also clean and sanitize my hardware between batches if I'm kegging two brews the same night. It's very little effort in order to ensure you're not going to F anything up.

BTW, sanitizing is easy IF you're using StarSan. Since you'll have some already mixed up for the first batch, just reserve what you don't toss and use it for the second. Have a spray bottle of it too and you can spray sanitize a good amount of things. I keep a spray bottle of StarSan ready at all times (as many of us here do).
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Is there some reason that you absolutely have to bottle them both on that day?

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Jan 2012
Ventura, CA
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other than excitement, no! I knew it would be a dumb post but wanted to feel out what others throught of it. Believe me i care too much about the beer i brew to F it up at this stage. Thanks for the input everyone.

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Nov 2010
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Why not bottle both the same day? Most the time and work in home brewing seems to be getting the equipment out and putting back, at least for me. Get that bottling line rolling, I say!
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