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Hey everyone,

Yup, it's another heat stick thread. I went with this build but went for the L shaped pipe instead of straight: http://www.3d0g.net/brewing/heatstick

I diluted the JB-weld to make it quite liquid so I could por it down the tube and it would flow easily into the nooks and crannies of the L pipe and heating element. I noticed as I added mroe acetone, that the JB Weld started to look almost chunky, with distinct grey and black dots (as if it didn't mix...and I mixed that bitch up hard). I checked some spots on the side of the tube where there is only a small spec of JB Weld and it still isnt dry (24 hrs later) nevermind the pool that is sitting at the bottom of my pipe.

Did I over do the acetone, or does it just mean I will have to wait longer for it to dry. I am in no rush, so I don't mind waiting...but I don't want to wait on something that I doomed in the first place.


edit: I forgot to mention that I did coat the heating element electrical parts (and connected wires) with a healthy amount of non-diluted JB Weld. I let it dry for 24 hrs, than poured the diluted JB Weld down the tube. I DO NOT PLAN ON JB WELDING ANY SEAMS OR ANYTHING ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE STICK (if I can help it...if I find out my thinned JB Weld is compromised, I will probably seal the living hell out of the outside coupler that holds the element to the pipe.)

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i kinda feel the J.B. weld will be weakened by the dilution.

you may be able to find two part epoxy in a tube in your area.
granted it may be way too much then you need and expensive but it will do what you want.
i have used it to set rail posts in concrete for safety rails at work,,,when I did work...retired now and it was excellent.
the product may came in a one or a two tube version; side by side.
break the seal, pump the handle to mix and then insert into a caulk gun for the single tube. the two tube system will self feed using the handle supplied.

hope this helps.....

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Oct 2011
Boulder, Co
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Thanks for the reply!

Maybe next time I try this I will use your suggestion, but I am already invested in these two sticks so I am curious as to what to expect. I really hope I didn't just waste 100$ on two hunks of glue, metal and plastic...

edit: I emailed JB weld...I will post the gist of the reply if/when I get one!

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reviving...what did you find out?

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I never thinned the JB weld. But rather would just glob a hefty amount up inside the stick, assemble and let it run down once the stick is assembled. I think I recall reading that over thinned JB doesn't perform all that well.

I never really cared for the JB weld...the stuff has an odor and I never was overly impressed. Last few sticks I've assembled I just used silicone with good results. You do need to leave the top end of the stick open for a few days or the silicon doesn't cure. Found that out the hard way.

No JB just silicone for me.
I actually have four sticks, built two new ones a while back, then rebuilt two tired ones. Handy to have a spare cause eventually they seem to have issues and need maintenance. But overall they are pretty reliable. Pretty happy with the results of just using a boatload of silicone sealant during assembly, then wipe any excess leaving just a trace on the outside to help seal.


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