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Mar 2012
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i have that exact couch. i was in a similar situation where i couldn't fit a couch into my basement. i have had it for about 18 months now and it looks great. it is wearing much better than my friend's lazy boy that cost three times as much.

consider the covers - i probably should have gone for washable. our toddler has required me to take the covers to get dry cleaned once or twice.

if you don't live near the store, it is critical that you take out the bag that includes all the nuts and bolts and cross-reference the manual to make sure you have everything. ikea never gives extra bolts and often forgets one or two. they give you more at customer service, but it has to be in person, iirc. so please, please, don't leave the store until you've verified your sofa includes all the parts.

you won't regret it, it is a nice couch. doesn't take long to put together either.

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Jan 2012
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I have an Ikea office set and I love it. Cheap, functional and looks pretty good. I had a few other items from them over the years and I've been happy with them all for the price.

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Originally Posted by CreamyGoodness View Post
Pappers, are you familiar with gravlax? I make my own, have some curing in the fridge in fact. I would be interested to see how a true Scandinavian regards my gravlax.
I love gravlax and cured salmon of any kind. But, I'm only Scandinavian by marriage so can't claim any special expertise Its cured in salt, sugar and dill, correct?

The best fish I've had in Sweden was fresh whole herrings sprinkled with salt and cooked in the ovens at a glass works factory. Although the immense variety of pickled herring in Sweden is outstanding too. Curried herring is unbelieveably yummy.

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Sep 2012
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Hmmm. "Gravlax" never heard of it. I will have to check it out.

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Originally Posted by +HopSpunge+ View Post
Hmmm. "Gravlax" never heard of it. I will have to check it out.
Its the Swedish version of lox, I suppose. Raw salmon cured with (I think) salt, sugar and dill. Served on crackers, with capers, dill and cream cheese, its delicious.

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Originally Posted by CreamyGoodness View Post
3 things. 1) Everything we have received from Ikea (mostly tables and book shelves) we have been happy with. I also watch the "you feel sorry for za little lamp..." commercial on youtube at least once a year. It gives me a chortle.

2) Pappers, are you familiar with gravlax? I make my own, have some curing in the fridge in fact. I would be interested to see how a true Scandinavian regards my gravlax.

3) wolfstar... that cat shares living space with several large dogs and a few full on wolf-dogs... I gotta imagine that that is one badass kitty.
We have 3 FIV positive kitties that we took in from local shelters (they were to be euthanised).. The kitties get our master bedroom, and we built a fully enclosed outdoor patio complete with a pine log jungle jim for them accessed through a window mouned kittie door... Kitties and wolfypoos are seperated
Check out Hidden Valley Wolfdog Sanctuary on facebook.

Working to save unwanted Wolfdogs from euthenasia, and educating the public about the joys and trials of Wolfdog and other exotic canid companionship.

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It's cheap crap. The wife loves it, I can't stand it. We have one piece of furniture from Ikea that I don't hate and that's the TV stand. Anything else with 4 legs wobbles like crazy.

Besides, the majority of that stuff is all particle board anyway.
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Jun 2011
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IKEA has been a part of my home ever since I started living on my own, well even before that, there were a few IKEA things in my mom's home. I live in Sweden and IKEA permeates the Swedish homes to an extent that you wouldn't believe. It's cheap (or maybe I should say "inexpensive"), well designed and reasonably durable.
Some of the cheaper stuff is definitely wibbly-wobbly and the instructions say to re-draw all screws after a while... Particle board (MDF) makes up a lot of the shelves, doors etc, but some stuff is solid wood. You get what you pay for, but IMHO you get a lot for your money at IKEA if you pick the cherries so to speak. I got loads of IKEA stuff at home, to the point that I am really hesitant to buy any more furniture from there, making my home look like one of their catalogues.

IKEA has been critizised for a number of things in Sweden, from the founder being a member of the Nazi party in his youth (which he has confessed to), to the recent idea of erasing all women from the catalogue in the Saudi edition, so many Swedes opt out because of these issues or others (of which there are a few, but this is beginning to get political I guess so I am dropping it now...).

Funny thing is however, IKEA is huge with homebrewers in Sweden since it is easy to use some of their kitchen utensils for brewing equiment, most notably a false bottom can be made from the frying splatter screen STABIL (

And a BIAB bag can be sewn from the SARITA cloth, which is sold by the meter in white in Swedish IKEA. And many other stuffs can be used in the brewing process if you use your imagination.

Gravlax is good food, cured in approximately equal parts of salt and sugar and lots of fresh dill (possibly with a few crushed black/white pepper corns) is the basic recipe, balance of sugar/salt defines the texture of the fish, the more salt the "harder" the meat. Wrap in a plastic bag, suck out the air and put a weight on two sides/pieces of salmon, fleshy sides together, spices in between. Leave in fridge for about two days, turn over once a day.
My brother makes a mean gravlax, using a shot of rum or single malt in the bag, which adds a dimension to the dish.

"Gravlax" means "buried salmon" as originally, before fridges, the salmon was cured in a hole in the ground wrapped in cloth...

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Originally Posted by olefattguy View Post
"Gravlax" means "buried salmon" as originally, before fridges, the salmon was cured in a hole in the ground wrapped in cloth...
That makes sense, thanks!

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Jul 2011
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I put mine in the fridge on Sunday for a party on Sunday of this week. 2-3 days curing and the rest of that time chilling out in the fridge and it should be just fine right? Havent made it in a little while, hoping I havent jumped the gun.

Due to the Jewish influence in my house (ie my wife's best friend) we have taken to serving ours on a bagel heehee.
See, that's where the real story is.
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