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Nov 2012
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Originally Posted by DaBills View Post
Yeah I know kinda sad isn't it. Beer is beer is beer, no added politics necessary.
For me it isn't about the politics so much. If Obama was an avid home brewer and didn't make a big deal out of it that would be pretty sweet. But it seems more like using something i love as a political stunt to make me feel like he's an average Joe. From the right or the left i just don't like being manipulated. To be fair every politician does it, but i still don't like it.

On the positive side It's awesome to see the hobby get some serious publicity. How many new brewers probably started because Obama did it? And anything that helps grow the industry can only mean good things for us :-D

Brew long and Prosper... May the wort be with you... Yippeekayay master brewers... You had me at free beer.

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Originally Posted by MicheleE63 View Post
I made the Honey Ale back in September and it has really gotten good over the last couple weeks. At first I didn't like it very much, but it has gotten really smooth and tasty as time goes on. I added the honey at flameout and it's there, but not overpowering. Definitely not a sweet beer, and I'm pretty happy with it.
I got impatient and tried it after only two weeks in the bottle, and I wasn't too thrilled. Hopefully mine will also get better in time.

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Jul 2012
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Originally Posted by techbrewie View Post
For me it isn't about the politics so much. If Obama was an avid home brewer and didn't make a big deal out of it that would be pretty sweet. But it seems more like using something i love as a political stunt to make me feel like he's an average Joe.
I don't see it that way. I don't see him making a big deal about it. I don't see him holding up his beer at a press conference and telling everyone he made it.

Evidently the dude likes good beer. Maybe he is aware that home brewing is becoming more and more popular and wants to try some. Maybe the chef in the White House knows he likes good beer and made him some. Maybe it turned out great and the staff wanted to share the recipe like many people on this forum do. Maybe Obama would be an avid home brewer if he had the time, but I doubt that he does. There are many possibilities other than "political stunt" here.

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This is a really interesting thread about an interesting recipe. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

A gentle note of caution to keep the discussion to beer and away from politics. Keep in mind that it isn't the President's beer and he isn't making it. Its the White House ale made by the White House chefs, with honey from bees tended by the White House gardener. Nothing partisan or political about it.

Back to the discussion: anyone going to (or already have) make a second batch? I think I may. I'm down to my last three bottles of it which I was thinking I might enter into a BJCP contest as a specialty beer (English pale ale with honey). It may be a little under-stated to do well in a competition in that category, but thought it might be interesting to get some feedback anonymously.

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Sep 2012
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I'm definitely giving this one another go. Not only did MY palate enjoy it, but it was also well-received by my beer nerd friends. Balance was the word I heard a lot.
I used the Austin Homebrew extract version of this, and I'm not changing a thing.

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Sep 2012
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Yeah, I'm going to make another batch of this as well. So far this is the beer everybody seems to like. I'm slowly trying to get my swill drinking friends to recognize something other than Corona or Lite, so if this beer gets them trying my beers, I'll make 100 gallons! (I have to get my friends on board - I can't possibly drink all of the beer I brew) :-)

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I'll give the Honey Porter a shot (will probably be late next year though). And after that, I might rebrew the Honey Ale eventually.
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I think I will re-brew the honey ale. This beer has lots of complexity. It is a pleasure to drink.

I need to try the porter also.

I think I will convert the recipes to all grain next time. I did extract for authenticity purposes this time. It was expensive.

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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
I would recommend adding it at none of those times. The CO2 produced during fermentation can also scrub out much of the delicate flavor and aroma, so after the primary fermentation is already done is definitely the best time.
I agree.

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Well I decided to meet in the middle and add it with five minutes left in boil. Hopefully it comes out ok I'm sure it will. Btw does anyone else hate the little jugs that NB packs the lme in? It took 15 minutes just to get the dang things emptied even with heating them prior. I also got a grain bag that was too small to comfortably fit all the grain that was itself in a Baggie that had several wholes in it and spilled out during shipping. All is well just kind of annoying... I still love NB! . End rant

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