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Jan 2012
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Originally Posted by fishersfirst

Been on the forum for a few weeks now and I'm racking my brains at what RDWHAHB means??
I've seen if splashed around a few times..
Relax dont worry have a homebrew. It's from the book Joy of Homebrewing.
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I had to look up this ad after seeing the threads. I had a bit of a laugh. I don't think we have BWW up in Canada. Homebrewing must be huge in the states for them to even think of an ad like this. I bet less than 1% of British Columbians have had a friends homebrew.

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Aug 2012
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I was little surprised to see a homebrewing ad too. I used to think I was the only one that home brews but I find more and more people every day. Just look how many members are on this forum. Its too bad you dont have a BWW...it is really good

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Oct 2010
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Originally Posted by Cellarbrau View Post
I bet less than 1% of British Columbians have had a friends homebrew.
Really? You have homebrew supplies available at Save-On-Foods in B.C.. And, the Coopers kits are one of the few things in the grocery store that are cheaper on your side of the border.

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Apr 2011
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Originally Posted by jonmohno View Post
Some people are very defensive about their Ugly Baby Syndome Beer. I think instead of the bratworst beer in that commercial the homebrewer should have handed them "dark" beers. Because anything darker than the color of yellow beers is bad to them or most people anyway. By the way that guy must have used a little too much starsan! ha.
Seems that is outdated knowledge or a sterotype of homebrewers in the past,yes in the past all Ive ever heard from people is how bad homebrew was,that and they probably didnt know what they were doing to begin with. But also there are noobs that tend to go overthetop too soon-which is what makes the commercial kind of funny. Also a noobs first few beers dont turn out quite what they were expecting,in generall often but not always. I guess Im kinda picking apart the joke but that is my interpretation-and I think its still funny.

That said Im still going to try this place out which Ive never tried, and by the way what number BWW thread is this about? like # 495?

And also, if all they have is crappy beer there and crappy food, they wont get my dollar again. I hated last goin to Ruby Tuesdays where the menu states they have DFH 60 min IPA,well guess who doesnt really have that? But still its on the menu,that and the other few good beers that were on the menu ,yep didnt have those either. I was stuck with drinking a skunky bottle of Stella,which I didnt finish and left irritated with an altogether bad experience from that place anyway.

I don't ever order beer at places like that. they never have anything worth a sh*t. iced tea for me.

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Mar 2012
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Honestly I thought the commercial was funny as hell. U shouldn't be offended by a company making fun of your hobby. Life is too short to sweat that stuff. I took it with stride and KCCO! Honestly though, brat beer? This commercial had to have been made by a home brewer or a friend of one.

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Jan 2011
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I saw the commercial during the tOUS and Michigan State game. I was a bit irritated at first but then I thought about what BW3's might be if it were a beer. That put things in perspective.

When I first went to BW3's I was in college and it was 1993/4. Back then they were probably a Sam Adam's. Smaller but gaining quickly into a broader national recognized brand. Now they are probably a Killian's Red. When I was a sophomore in college I thought Killian's was good. I have no idea what one tastes like anymore and I am not even sure if they are still around but from memory they were part of a larger conglomerate that posed as being a smaller brewery. Or something like that.

I also don't remember what BW's food tasted like as I always hung out in the bar area and played trivia. This was mainly because I had a friend who was a bartender there and he would hook me up with some mad deals.

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Jul 2012
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Is that Galifianakis? This commercial is funny as ****.

Just researched it a bit... it's not him, but still funny.
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I did the 12 wing challenge there...pretty awesome.

Anyway my skin isn't that thin and I'm not offended.

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Dec 2011
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We've got a BWW here. Most people say the wings are s*** but I can't tell a difference and yeah, their first 8 taps are BMC but after that they have some good local brews mixed in with some quality crafts like Black Butte Porter and Bitch Creek. Plus on the first Tuesday of the month they tap a new brew and just give the first keg away. That's pretty cool.
Originally Posted by n240sxguy View Post
Blue moon is like liquid southpark. It offends everybody.

Reason: Forgot stuff.

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