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Originally Posted by Herky21

I love Midas Touch. Brewing a clone soon.
I know quite a few people like it. It just wasn't for me. There are definitely far worse beers though.

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Oaked Arrogant Bastard. I hope Stone has tweaked the recipe to dull down the taste of tree.

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I loved the Oaked AB. I like most of Stone's offerings.

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Dec 2012
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Tommyknocker Jack Whacker Wheat Ale. This was terrible, I'd rather drink Coors.

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Dec 2012
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Originally Posted by CGVT
Is Leinenkugal considered craft?

I pretty much don't care for anything they make, but that nasty-assed Fruity Pebbles tasting Sunset Wheat is the worst beer in the history of beer.
I love fruity pebbles but that sunset wheat is revolting!!!

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Dankenstein IIPA - Pearl Street Brewery

Don't know if it was a bad bottle or what- just tasted nasty licorice, could only have a few baby sips before stopping (and I was excited because it is a bottle conditioned beer).

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21st Amendment's "Hell or High Watermelon" wheat. I can't even start to describe it.

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Originally Posted by Howiedw View Post
I have to agree with the Rouge Voodoo Bacon Maple. I was able to finish the bottle. But just barely.

Others that I can't stand are Pyramids Apricot Ale and there was a christmas beer about 10 years ago that i just could not drink. Got it. "Pete's Wicked Winter Brew." Or something like that. The last 5 bottles in the 6-pack sat in my fridge for over a year before I managed to get rid of it.
I really enjoyed the Voodoo Bacon Maple myself. It started off way too sweet for my tastes but the smoke flavor really saved it for me.

Pyramid's Apricot Ale on the other hand is absolutely terrible. Easily one of the worst beers I've had.
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Originally Posted by Dustinj View Post
Disclaimer. "I love dogfish head beer"! I gotta say though. Raison D'etra is not a good beer. Just taste funky to me. To much fruit bull**** in it. I bought it because I love the saying.

Favorite style is a nut brown ale btw.
Totally agree. I bought some last week as I have never had it before. I still have a 4 pack left and I do not see a time I will drink it unless I run out of beer.

That and delerium nocturnum. Not a fan. It tastes like a cider to me.

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Oct 2012
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I'd have to add Pliny to the list. Both Elder and Younger. Not because they're bad beers. They're really really good beers. But I still think they're overrated/overhyped.

Hell, if mythical ambrosia existed, conferring ageless immortality on its drinker - it would still have less hype than these beers.

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