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Originally Posted by Tim27 View Post
Magic Hat #9. Could not stand it.
I actually like #9, the apricot does kind of smell like dirty gym socks though before you drink it.

Boatswain Heavy Lift Vessel from Minhas brewery in Monroe WI, they sell it at Trader Joes, it is way too syrupy for me to be called beer. I tried another from them after SWMBO picked them up for me, I figured "Free beer" but...dumped it after half a glass and picked up a magic hat #9 from a variety pack I had.
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Originally Posted by DerekV View Post
I've had the same mixed feelings with Roth beers. The Dark Construct and Valkyrie are the only two I really like but I've mostly noticed they're not consistent. The beer changes too much between batches for me. As for the Mystery Brewing cask that day, pretty much everybody thought it was sour...
I agree that Dark Construct and Valkyrie CAN be good, but you are spot-on about the variability. When I was at the festival I had 2 Valkyrie's back-to-back. As I was waiting in line for the refill, the keg tapped out and had to be changed. The new keg had completely different color, aroma, flavor and cloudiness that the one I had just finished. Frustrating...
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People's Farmer's Daughter Wheat

So bad I told the bartender I thought they had a bad keg of it on tap. Later after reading other's review I learned that's jut the way it tastes.

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Another vote for #9.

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Originally Posted by shaneogle89 View Post
Stone's 16th Anniversary Ale was pretty bad. Just wasn't a huge fan of the lemon verbena in an IPA. And Stone is my favorite brewery!
I was extremely disappointed with 16th, but I wouldn't put it up in the "worst" category. The weird bitter astringency from the lemon verbena was very unpleasant, though.

I picked up Knee Deep's Simtra Triple IPA recently, expecting an awesome beer made from Simcoe and Citra. The aroma was amazing, but there was a weird spoiled meat flavor in the aftertaste that made me pour out most of the bottle, just nasty.

The absolute worst craft beer I've had though, is Brewdog's Tokyo. Cloyingly sweet cough syrup and hot alcohol. I got about two sips in and poured out the rest of the $18 bottle (it should be noted that I didn't expect it to be very good, but I saw it and had the money to burn, so I went for it). I will never try any of Brewdog's other high grav offerings and I seriously doubt I'll ever try any of their other stuff on general principle either.

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Ballast Point's Indra Kunindra is not one I'll try again. Also I HATED Avery Maharaja. To call that an Imperial IPA is a joke. It's a s****y Strong Ale if anything.

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+1 16th anniversary. I couldn't even finish it.

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Not really a craft beer, this is a bud product, but yeah, that's my worst too. Bud Heavy+ grape Nyquil

Originally Posted by jestmaty View Post
Absolutely gross...........

Ingredients, as far as the brewer will tell you, are 2row, 6row, American and German hops, cereals, and blueberries... sounds good, doesn't taste good.

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Wild Blue might be the winner but I've had some nasty Rahr beers. I like the alt and winter beer but the oktoberfest tastes like it was filtered through trash.

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Sep 2012
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got a sampler of magic hat and hated everyone till the last drop. SN bigfoot barleywine was first beer i have poured out since the first time i tried guiness in high school(it didnt taste like milwaukees best!) who knew.

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