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Aug 2012
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Okay, so as a new brewer I'm struggling with the best way to store all my new equipment. I'm just wondering if anyone has any good ways to keep all of their neat and out of the way. Bottles, equipment, chemicals, grain/ingredients, anything really.

So anyone that has a good setup, post it on here so I can mercilessly steal your ideas.

Right now, my storage is just keeping my two glass carboys in milk crates, all of my tools in my bottling bucket, ingredients are everywhere, and my bottles are in random 6pack cases.

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Aug 2010
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As long as the stuff in your bottling bucket isn't metal or scratchy, you've got the right idea - consolidate and store stuff inside other stuff.

And milk crates are awesome. I bought 12 of them a while ago. Each holds 23 bottles (some guys fit 24 in a crate, but I can't figure out how to do it) and they stack. I have all my packaged beers in crates stacked four high. Really efficient storage.
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Dec 2011
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I got a large rubbermaid tote (stole it from SWMBO really) to keep most of my equipment in and a small frosting bucket (maybe 1-2 gallons) for really small stuff like airlocks/stoppers/spigots inside the tote as well. Mostly everything fits in there except the big stuff.
Buckets stacked together, better bottles hung upside down from the ceiling, clean bottles on one side of the bench in old cardboard cases, "dirty" bottles on the bench in six pack holders, full bottles in the cellar along with the fermenting beer, grains in old 5ish gallon frosting buckets with Gamma lids stacked up on the side wall. Kettle/MLT/burner all stays in the garage so I don't have to carry it up from the basement every time. Hops and yeast in a rubbermaid container in the fridge.
It's constantly evolving though depending on equipment and ideas I get from here. After a while you'll figure out what works best for you.

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Jun 2012
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I found the closet under my staircase makes for excellent brewing storage and fermenting during summer since its dead center in the house with no windows.

That said once i get my garage clean im storing more out there, my stash is getting too big.

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Apr 2012
katy, texas
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Anywhere that doesn't piss off your wife/girlfriend/sig other!

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Mar 2011
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Brewer's Best boxes!!!!!!!

I have 1 that is for bottle caps and priming sugars and another with hydrometers, thermometers, StarSan, Bottle cleaners etc etc.

I am lucky that SWMBO gave me the living room and dining room for my "Brewery"! It fits the "Lager fermenter", Beer Fridge", Ale ferment area(old coolers), fish tank(55 gallon freshwater), bar area and bottle aging chamber.

Those boxes that Brewer's Best Extract kits come in are REALLY GOOD boxes!
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Dec 2011
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The picture is sideways, but this is what I did for most of my stuff in the garage. The storage under my stairs is where I ferment with a swamp cooler and store conditioning beer inside a large rubbermaid tub to contain messes should a bottle decide to go boom.

Click image for larger version

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Dec 2011
Bristow, VA
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Once again the shining light of why I live alone but own a single family home. I store bottles, pots, and carboys in the basement. Tools, airlocks, grain bags, grain, corn sugar, sanitizer, etc, all live in the kitchen cabinets. Life is grand.
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Jan 2012
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These kinds of organizers with drawers are cheap, don't take up much space, and are perfect for storing hydrometers, thermometers, stoppers, airlocks, hops socks and all the other little stuff you have.
Click image for larger version

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Aug 2012
, VT
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I'm currently using the box that my last bottling bucket and other misc stuff was shipped in as well as a couple small plastic totes. Doesn't take up too much space and everything stores away neatly. My only real problem is what to do with all the beer bottles after I've cleaned them. Looks like I may have to invest in some milk crates!

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