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Originally Posted by HomeBrewGuy89 View Post
So is the norm to have the brew in bottles for 3 weeks at room temp > then transfer to fridge from there on out? I normally just keep my stash at room temp and stick 6-12 in the fridge and replenish as needed...
I do the same as you. I don't have room for 50 bottles one beer in the fridge. I usually put a six in there, and add a few bottles as I take a few out.
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Originally Posted by BigKahuna View Post
Simple. It's the ration of contact area just like in a keg. The c02 will need to pressurize the head space (Which takes LESS TIME) in a bigger bottle (More Yeast and sugar, roughly the same head space) but then it has to force that c02 into solution through the same contact area...thus it takes longer.
Originally Posted by HomeBrewGuy89 View Post
Going by what the big kahuna said, since it takes less time in bigger bottles to fill head space then you have more time to force CO2 into solution for bigger containers, correct? Thus the time between the two equals out to about the same?
Not really... what he is saying is that the 12oz and 22oz bottles have roughly the same head space available for CO2. That CO2 needs to be dissolved into solution to carbonate the beer. Since the head space is the same but the 22oz bottle has roughly 10oz more beer, the yeast must produce about 80% more disolved CO2 for the 22oz bottles with the same size staging area as is available in the 12oz bottle creating a bottle neck of sorts (pun obviously intended).

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