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Jan 2012
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no, you're not alone. it's an obsessive hobby.

chances are most people on this forum are at least as obsessed as you... if we can't be brewing, we want to at least be talking about it.
What hops should I grow? Looking for cheap honey?
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Well, there is one possible drawback:

If you're new or have a process change, and IF that process change/newbie is flawed, that means your pipeline will all be flawed.

My neighbor did 3 batches without tasting, and turns out he wasn't recirculating his wort prior to sparging, resulting in some grain going into the boil kettle. He ended up with 3 batches with mild astringency.

Originally Posted by Misplaced_Canuck
Carbonic bite? Is that like the bubonic plague?
Originally Posted by ebstauffer
Needless to say after more than a few drams my mental efficiency matched my mashing efficiency.

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Dec 2011
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Originally Posted by beergolf View Post
Get a good handle on ferment temps and pitch enough healthy yeast and you will make good beer.
This x 1000

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Whatever you do, don't go so fast that you don't take good notes of how you brewed each batch.
There's nothing worse than brewing a killer beer (and I mean that in a good way) and then not being able to reproduce it because you don't know how you made it.
Don't ask how I know this.

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Feb 2012
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i felt the same way when i first started but quickly realized that i was getting out of control. my first was an irish red i brewed in february then a partial mash oatmeal stout which both were/are incredible... then came the cider and american wheat. the american wheat got infected but i decided to drink it anyway.... major hangover. and thecider i didnt add enough applejuice concentrate so it barely tastes like anything. im glad im in all grain now as the batches since my american wheat debacle have greatly improved.... i have a summit epa brewing right now, transfered it to secondary earlier today and it smelled INCREDIBLE. looking at kegging in the near future.... bottling is getting old.

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Aug 2012
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I started out 3 weeks ago and plan on brewing my third batch this weekend. I'm glad I'm right on post with everyone here too, because i felt the same way.

I would've probably brewed more, except that my garage is occupied my some work I'm doing on my car.

Too many hobbies and not enough time.

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Originally Posted by Misplaced_Canuck View Post
....If you're new or have a process change, and IF that process change/newbie is flawed, that means your pipeline will all be flawed.............

This was the main reason why I didn't buy my second recipe, until my first batch was done. I'm paranoid like that.

Don't get me wrong, I welcome the comments in this thread with open arms as I enjoy brewing beer as much as drinking it. After getting my first batch out of the way, I feel better about moving forward a bit faster. My second batch is going to be bottled this weekend and I've got two 1 gallon recipes coming in this week, so I'll get to brew again twice this weekend. woohoo!
"There is no right way to brew. The journey to finding out what works best for you is 99% of the hobby. Ethanol is the other 1%" - Bobby M

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Dec 2009
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Taking good notes is the key. If you're doing extract make sure you dont use more than 1.5 quarts per lb of specialty malt or the PH will get too high and you'll have astringency problems. (learned that the hard way) Also, for all grain, learn as much as you can about the water you brew with and buy a PH tester and learn how to use it (this is where PH makes all the difference between good beer and fantastic beer) and take samples all throughout your mash time and record the readings. Learn what makes the PH go up and down (light or dark malts and water profiles such as hard and soft water) and have the stuff on hand to make adjustments (phosphoric acid or acidmalt and Calcium Carbonate). To me that's what makes brewing even more fun.

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Jan 2012
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Not going too fast at all. Your motivated! Hobby needs more of you! Drop the hammer!

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Nov 2011
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+1 on taking good notes. I mean supreme notes. Go crazy. Write down everything. The tides, the moon phase, what you had for breakfast...etc.

Well, maybe those things aren't neccesary, but I can not emphasize enough how important taking comprehensive and detailed brew notes is.

Otherwise, you may just be repeating the same mistake over and over and you won't know until you've got 4 batches ruined and have no clue what to do to fix it.

Beyond that, Brew on!!!
Batch counter: 123 batches (11/29/11-7/22/15).

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