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On Friday night I went to the San Pedro Brewing Company, my first time being there. From the door it looked like the normal brew pub, but after having a seat and looking at the menu, I could tell this place was a little different. It was a friday night and the place was busy, but after the normal dinner rush so there was no wait. There were several TV's throughout the place with the local baseball games on and the normal pub/bar/sports/local hang out spot vibe. What suprised me was the menu.

Being right near the harbor gives the place access to some of the best seafood available. Shrimp and Chips - at first glance my eyes just thought it was the usual "Fish". Sesame and Pepper Seared Ahi. Not the usual Pub Food. The seafood is not what eventually caught my eye. It was the barbecue. I ordered the Tri Tip and my wife had the Ribs and Chicken combo. The ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender and not all smothered in sauce. Absolutely fantastic. My tri tip was wonderful as well with a So Cal twist. It was cut thin and done almost like carne asada. It had been marinated in peppery citrus and then grilled. The meat was very tender and the sauce didn't over power the flavor of the beef. Both meals were served with fries, cole slaw, creamed corn, and amazing garlic toast, with real cheese and garlic, not just garlic powder. As we were leaving just before 10pm a live band was getting set up. And now the beer...

The board listed six beers on tap: Bruin Blonde (UCLA fans), Harbor Hefeweizen, Point Fermin Pale Ale, James Brown Ale, Shanghai Red, and Longshoreman Lager. First of all, I was surprised to see a lager on the list. I had a sampler of five which excluded the Red, I'll need to make a return trip for that one. My first taste was the Hefeweizen. Golden, cloudy, and definately made with a German style yeast. A great example of a traditional hefeweizen. I took the lemon wedge out of the glass before sipping and was pleased that the flavor didn't need the lemon squeeze. Next was the Lager. Again it was a golden color. Flavor was crisp, firmly bittered, dry, and the aftertaste was pleasantly suprising - corn. Although I cannot find any listed in any recipe, I'll have find the brewer and ask if that is in the ingredients. Third was the Blonde Ale, a little lighter in color than the previous two. Light in flavor, a slight sweetness in the finish and very drinkable. A good example of a blonde. Up next the Pale Ale. At the darker end of the style, this could easily be classified as an amber and fit in nicely. Although balanced, the scale tips towards the hops on the bitterness end. Malt and a little aramel sweetness come in after the initial bitterness. Again, a very drinkable beer. Finally, the James Brown Ale. Solidly brown in color, this beer is another great beer. The flavor is nutty followed by a little roasted, burnt toffee flavor.

All the beers I sampled were great and none showed any flaws that I could find. The San Pedro Brewing Co. is a great place and I would reccomend that if you are in the L.A. Harbor area to stop buy. This place is a great brew pub with fantastic food and excellent beer. I plan to return to sample more off the menu and beer list.

San Pedro Brewing Co.
331 W. 6th St.
San Pedro, CA 90731
(310) 831-5663
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Ill definitley have to hit that place up. I live in Torrance too.
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I didnt know people from Torrance were allowed in Pedro

I grew up in Pedro and when I lived there that was one of my favorite spots, never had anything bad. Just dont stay too late and stay off of Pacific after dark
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I can't think of San Pedro without thinking of the Minutemen and the great Mike Watt.
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