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Dec 2011
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1. Blow off tube, even if the past 4 batches didn't need one. The one time you leave town for a few days with no blow off tube is the day your fermenter explodes!

2. Fermenting too warm. Most new brewers make this mistake. The beer will be up to 8 degrees warmer inside the fermenter than the ambient air around the fermenter so putting it in a room at 70F will actually be closer to 80F fermentation temp and create off flavors.

3. Always having a backup plan for your boil; If you use an electric range, what will you do if you lose power half way though the boil? If you use gas or propane, do you have a backup in case you run out of gas?

4. Drinking while brewing! It's easy to lose track of which hop addition you are on if you are drinking homebrew heavily while brewing! I like to have one brew while brewing but save the partying until the fermenters are pitched and put away!
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Back in the old days, I was transferring to my primary, had a good siphon going (before a pot with a spigot) and turned to do something else and kicked the bucket away from my hosse. That in itself was bad, but instead of stopping the siphon I chased the bucket. I no longer do things that way.
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Feb 2012
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Turning around to set glass carboy on cement steps and not realizing they were closer then I thought. Five gallons of brochet all over the basement floor, and a broken carboy. I cried for weeks.

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Feb 2011
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1. Not securing the racking tube...imagine the garden hose wriggling in the air spraying water...only this was raspberry mead.

2. Not dating my additives upon opening...things DO expire. IE sorbate...was not a matter of not enough, not adding in combination with k-meta, it was too old. Can even happen when purchased at LHBS.

3. Never purchase corks that are repackaged. For example, your LHBS buys in bulk and sorts them by 30s and puts in ziplock bags, or even worse just in a plastic bin on shelf. Bad idea. Good thing I knew not to buy those!

4. When working with fruits other than grapes, it is best if you use sugar in the form of invert syrup (honey excluded). Grapes have invertase in their makeup, other fruits do not. Invertase helps convert sugars and less stress for yeast. 1 part water, 2 parts sugar plus citric/tartaric acid brought to just below a boil while stirring, and hold for 10 minutes,.stir often. Easy to make in increments of1000gm sugar, 500gm(or 500ml) water and 1 gm citric or tartaric acid. FYI: the use of gram equals same in milliliter only applies to water, no other substance

5. Always indicating on label the type, start date and O.G., if room add any dates of additions, rackings, and S.G. readings along the way. I also keep computer records of my recipe and notes...and I back those up to a thumb drive in the event my computer crashes. I happen to have backup to an offsite server, but the thumbdrive allows me quick access on one of the boy's computers if mine is down, or if internet is down and I cannot access offsite backup. The computer record allows me to quickly and easily share info with others, instead of typing it all out, good old copy/paste!

6. Lastly, time will change a wine. Even at one year if you are not sure, just continue to age...you may be quite shocked. Worse case scenario cook with it, blend with it, turn to vinegar, or make a sangria....get taste opinion of others before you pour out.
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