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Sep 2012
ny, ny
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Found a apple beer.Has anybody made this?

This is for a ~5 gallon batch.
Grain Bill

8 lb 2-row Pale Malt
2 lb White Wheat
1.5 lb Crystal 60
.5 lb Roasted Barley

Hopping schedule

1 oz. East Kent Goldings 5.5% Alpha Acid for 60 mins.
.5 oz UK Northdown 6.5% Alpha Acid for 15 mins.


1 tsp. Irish Moss for 15 mins.
1/2 Gala apple, sliced up, in the hopback

When Racking to Secondary

.5 Tbs Cinnamon
.5 Tbs Nutmeg
1 Gallon Organic Apple Cider


The specific gravity when the wort went into the primary was 1.060. When I racked it to the secondary (before adding the cider), it was 1.022. The specific gravity of the cider was 1.051. Iím not sure why the fermentation stalled so early; but I suspect the low fermentation temperatures in my basement. I forgot to take a reading when I bottled, so I donít know how much alcohol the cider added, but I imagine it re-started the stalled fermentation, since it didnít finish too sweet.

Be sure you read through the whole recipe before starting (though you made it this far, so why am I mentioning it?). You will want to be sure that your secondary fermenter has enough room for the 1 Gallon of cider you will be adding.
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Mar 2011
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I have a buddy who makes an really good apple saison with roasted granny smith apples, and I make alot of ciders of all varieties. A few tips:

1) Following your method above, the beer's going to be ready to drink long before the apple flavor starts to peak. You are almost not going to be able to taste the apple flavor for a good 6-8 weeks, and the apple flavor is going to peak a good 2-3 months after that. You'll end up with a better apple beer if you can be patient with conditioning.

2) Do you happen to keg? If you keg, you may want to consider using the apple cider post fermentation to backsweeten the beer. Basically, you cold crash the beer in the keg then add the apple juice, and it will stay too cold for the yeast to ferment the apple cider. That way, you get the complete apple cider flavor right off the bat without having to wait for it. If you bottle, this procedure is a real PITA to get right, so just stick with your secondary idea. If you do keg, I would definitely recommend this procedure instead of the secondary, and would cut your cider addition down from 1 gallon to 1/2 gallon.

Good luck!
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Sep 2012
ny, ny
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Kegging is a good idea.
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Dec 2008
flushing michigan
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Apple flavoring in beer is generaly thought of as a flaw know as acetaldehyde, having judged many beers with this flaw I say YUCK, But if thats what you like go for it !


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Feb 2012
Cincinnati, Ohio
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Look up a recipe for a Graff. Cider with malt and hops, literally an apple beer. Brandon O's Graff is a big recipe on HBT.

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Feb 2011
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Watch the episode of brewing TV that is being released today, its going to be about graf. Depending on your taste you can do a stout, they are tasting a couple of my bottles on the episode and will have the recipes for them. Our just search around here for Graff.
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Old 09-21-2012, 01:26 PM   #7
Sep 2012
ny, ny
Posts: 6

Cider I like..I'll check that out.
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Oct 2008
San Francisco Bay Area, California
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Really though, if you really like the apple flavor, you can save on ingredients by just fermenting at 80F. Acetaldehyde will take care of you from there

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Sep 2009
SIDNEY, ohio
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The apple graf posted on here is really good stuff. I have made it several times and it is always a big hit. I have plans of making it again in the very near future but rather than 4 to 1 apple juice to beer I want to go half and half.
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