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Aug 2012
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I am still new to this and I have limited space to work with, so I am racking to secondary I try to have everything prepped and ready to go. The problem is it never goes as planned. I know repetition will make things easier, but for those who don't have full setup's, what tools or parts do you use to make this easier? If this question is too vague, I can certainly get more descriptive. I know I can streamline this process, but i wonder what I am missing to make this happen.

Thanks in advance,

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Jul 2012
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I just sit my primary on the countertop early on to let it settle from moving it. Then use a sanitized auto siphon to rack to my sanitized secondary on the floor if I'm using one. Usually only rack to secondary if I'm going to add fruit or let it age awhile. Or need the bigger fermenter for another batch.

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Nov 2009
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auto siphon. no more caveman.

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Jan 2011
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Go super caveman and quit racking to secondary.

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Jan 2012
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Originally Posted by mountainman13 View Post
Go super caveman and quit racking to secondary.
I thought this same thing. Why dont i just use bottling bucket and cut out middle man. Seems logical as long as there is not chunks of hops and fruits etc...

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Sep 2011
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Racking to secondary is like racking to a bottling bucket to me,sounds like you just need to practice(darn the luck more brewing). Also auto siphon is very handy, have the container being transferred to lower than the liquid level in container siphoning from. Insert siphon,make sure hose is attached and in the other container, give it a couple pumps and you should be going.

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Aug 2012
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I couldn't imagine racking without an autosiphon. Also, idk how you do it, but you probably disturb the trub in the bottom of the primary, adding some of it to the secondary, which defeats a lot of the purpose of a secondary.

And you can technically use your bottling bucket as a secondary (you can ferment in just about anything if you're determined), but the problem comes when you go to prime the beer before bottling. You'll stir all the trub up while you try to mix the sugar evenly, again, defeating the purpose of the secondary.

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Apr 2012
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My fermenter has a spigot..


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Jul 2012
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1. Autosiphon
2. Don't rack to secondary
3. Primary in a bucket with a spigot


but yes, it's a practice thing. I'm much better at moving liquids around now than when I started brewing.

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Nov 2011
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An autosiphon will change your life.

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