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Oct 2010
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Hey all, I am not even a newbie yet and I am looking for a starter equipment kit. I saw one on the William's Brewing web page. I was looking at the kit with the wort chiller and 10 gal brew pot. Have any of you used their brew pots(10 gal.). What else would/will I need besides bottles/keg /time?

Thanks for your time.

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Jul 2012
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Any of the starter equipment kits will generally have what you need to get started - it all depends on what you want to do (extract vs all-grain), what size batches, if you intend to bottle vs keg etc. Also your budget will come into play so it all depends.

The only thing I would definitely recommend is getting a larger pot than you think you will need to start out with. In other words, you can start extract brewing with as small as a 5G pot. You may find after 1 or 2 brews that you want to start doing full-boils, or move into all-grains at which point you'll just have to get a bigger pot. The general rule of thumb is double your batch size - 10G pot for 5G batches, 20G pot for 10G batches (though 15G would probably be fine)

Further, I would highly recommend reviewing the stickies in the beginner forum:

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The williams kit with the 40 qt pot will allow you to do full boils. I used a 32 qt and had a few boil overs. If you buy that kit dont forget to get 1/2" hose barb and some 1/2 " silicone hose. Also get some starsan. I buy from Williams often, good people.

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Originally Posted by rossi46 View Post
I buy from Williams often, good people.
I also buy from Williams all the time. Great Service. I think that a ten gallon pot would be good to start out with if you are doing extract and boiling on the kitchen stove. I would not want to go too much larger than that for brewing in the kitchen. If and when you move to all grain, I presume that you will be getting a propane burner. You will also need an HLT if you mash in a mash tun. Your ten gallon pot could then become and HLT if you decide that you would like a larger boil kettle. Your investment in the kettle now would not be lost in the future.
I hope that this helps.


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Oct 2010
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I do have a turkey fryer, so I am set as far as that goes. Would you get a 5 or 6 gal carboy as well or are the two buckets ok to start with? Thanks for the info.

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Buckets are a cheap intro to fermenting. I personally like the carboys because they look nice, you can't scratch and because you can see what is going on inside them. That said, buckets are perfectly serviceable if you take care of them. If you are planning on doing some bulk aging big beers or dryhopping IPAs or adding fruits or woods of any kind get a five gallon for secondary storage. Otherwise, three-four weeks in a primary bucket you should be good to go!
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Bigger is always better when it comes to kettles and brew pots. I started with a Mr Beer and moved immediately to 5 gallon batches of extract and moved directly to all grain immediately too. Fortunately I only had 39 bucks in the Mr beer stuff, so the kettles and brew buckets I bought did not require rebuyng or spending extra money to get suitable gear. I have moved on and am currently building a 3 tier with automated control with RO water and other cool tweaks. It's an addiction now, and it is just about as much fun as you can legally have with you clothes on. So go for it and expand you gear as you decide what you want to do later on.
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