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I just finished up my first brew day WOO!!

A couple questions from it. This was a full boil extract recipe, so I boiled 6 gallons of water after steeping specialty grains in 1 gallon of water. Here are my questions:
1.After your done steeping the specialty grains, when you bring the burner up to boiling and cut the heat to add the extract, do you then wait until its boiling again to start the 1 hour timer, or start it right when the heat is put back on.

2.I was using a banjo burner outside, and it was pretty windy. I didn't realize the black piece you connect by the hose was to protect from the wind, so I just didn't use it. When I started it I started it with the vents completely shut, then when it was lit, I turned it up and opened the vents all the way. At full blast with the vents all the way open, I could not get the wort past 210 degrees Fahrenheit. It also took about 50 minutes to get the initial cold water temp to 210 Degrees. This produced very little boil the entire time and used an entire grill propane tank. I covered the kettle almost half the time and it still didn't boil. Is there a better method to this? I've heard of people using these halfway open with no problem, was it just because of the wind?

3.Will the beer suffer if the wort did not really boil to hard? Like I said it was at about 209 to 210 the entire time with very little boiling if at all. I did end up with 5 gallons almost on the dot, so that at least worked out well!


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Brew the brew!
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1. The boil timer start once the wort starts boiling
2. I always seem to have the best results on my burner with the vents all the way open and i can get 7 gallons to boil in about 20-30 minutes. You might consult the manual for your specific burner and see if there are any peculiarities about the operation of it.
3. When you're doing all-grain, you have to worry about making sure all the DMS is boiled off, but with your extract batch it won't be an issue. Your beer will be fine. I remember when I started on a stove top I could barely get 3 gallons to barely boil and I never had any DMS issues because it's all boiled off during the extract production process.

Good job on your first brew. Let us know how it come out. Cheers!
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2. Make sure you start the burner correctly.
Tank off, regulator off. Open tank all the way, open regulator enough to light, then open regulator all the way. When I first used my burner, the regulator was open and I controlled the flame from the tank valve. Tried for 2 hours, 2 nights in a row to boil 6 gallons. Never boiled and covered my pot in soot. Searched on here and realized my mistake. Filled my tank, followed the starting instructions and boiled 6 gallons in 30 minutes (cheapo Bass Pro fish fryer burner).
Last weekend, I brought 13 gallons to a boil in my new keggle with a 56k btu burner in 45 minutes.

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