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Oct 2011
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Have a pack of Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan that says 03 Apr 12 is this yeast still okay to pitch? Or use for a starter. I was going to brew today but it's raining to hard and bad lightning so screwed. I so have. Two day old starter and I'm not sure it looks right. Taking a gravity reading soon but I'll show a current pic.

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Oct 2011
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Click image for larger version

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It used to look like this below

Click image for larger version

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You have a 10% viability so you will need to make a stater I would do this in 2 stages a small 1.020 500ml starter then step it up to a 1000 or 1500 ml 1.035-040 starter than depending on your OG go from there to obtain the proper pitch rate.
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In regards to age of yeast, April of this year is nothing....Read this old post by me.

Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
If you make a starter, then the age of a yeast isn't really an issue. When you make a starter, and grow it, you're replicating more yeast to make up for any loss. You're making new, fresh yeast.

Bobby M did a test on year old stored yeast here;

And my LHBS cells outdated tubes and packs of yeast dirt cheap 2-3 dollars each and I usually grab a couple tubes of belgian or other interesting yeast when I am there and shove it in my fridge. and I have never had a problem with one of those tubes.

I usually make a starter but I once pitched a year old tube of Belgian High Gravity yeast directly into a 2.5 gallon batch of a Belgian Dark Strong, and after about 4 days it took off beautifully.
The purpose of a starter is to reproduce any viable cells in a batch of yeast....that;s how we can grow a starter form the dregs in a bottle of beer incrementally...and that beer may be months old.

Even if you have a few still living cells, you can grow them....That's how we can harvest a huge starter (incrementally) from the dregs in a bottle of some commercial beers. You take those few living cells and grow them into more.
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It's to old when it stops working in a yeast starter. Make a new one as stated above and give it a whirl then toss it and buy some new stuff or use it.
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I always brew with in date yeast, but for baking I buy my yeast in 2 pound vacuum packed lots. I fill a jar from the main packages and vauum the remainder which goes in the freezer. I have used yeasts stored this way that have been more than a year past the exp. date and have never noticed even the slightest difference in the final product.

I'm not sure if the yeasts designed for brewing are the same.


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I have a 2.5 year old WLP and a 2 year old Wyeast that I am going to try to get started in the next month or so. If they work they work, and that is all that is needed. I have used year old yeast before without issue, so I am hopeful that the older yeasts will have a few viable beasties that will reproduce, but am ordering backups just in case . Anyway, living in Alaska I have had yeast shipped in the summer that has taken three weeks to get here and has sat in hot vehicles in the lower 48 for a few weeks, and they have been just fine. I have also had "fresh" yeast fail, so...........Good luck!

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Meh, about an hour ago, I pitched a package of munich from '09.

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