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Aug 2012
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Have had pretty good results with collecting wort one day and boiling the next. Does anyone know if it's better to store the wort room temp or cooler like in the garage ( covered) when the weather is in the lower 60s

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Apr 2012
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The cooler the better, in general cause of science and all, but if you've been careful with sanitation and a fast cooling of the wort there's nothing to worry about. I've brewed with a friend multiple times an hour away from my house this summer. He's got surface water for the municipal water supply and thus we couldn't cool the wort as effectively (we got down to about 80), so I just put it in my basement after getting home and let it sit for a day before pitching. Each one has been just fine.

The key is cooling in a reasonable amount of time and sanitizing your fermentation vessel (and any tubing from the boil kettle).

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Dec 2009
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Since we are talking about un boiled beer, cooler is bett er, but jt should be briefly boiled same day

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Jul 2011
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If you want to do that, you're better off doing an overnight mash - the heat should inhibit most things growing in there - then collect the wort first thing in the morning and go.

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Dec 2011
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I have made alot of batches, draining the tun to a bucket with plans on doing the boil in the morning. No problems encountered. In fact, I let the wort settle out overnight and siphon to my brew kettle in the morning. It's amazing how much flour will settle out overnight. I do put the lid on and plug the hole in the lid with an airlock or paper towell.

For lagers, you can make a little extra wort, use that for your starter and let the boiled wort sit in the lager chamber for a few days cooling to 50 while your starter takes off. After cooling the wort, siphon again to ferm bucket and leave trub, hot break and hop debri at bottom, aerate and pitch. This way you get a clean yeast cake for the next batch(only use half).

Same procedure is fine for ales. I have made about thirty batches this year, no infections, no problems.

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