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What is the best way to move the wort from the protein rest temperature to the Mashing temperature while using a two cooler system and a brew kettle?

I dont think that draining the wort off after the protein rest and either replacing it with water at the mash temperature or letting the grain bed empty and reheating the wort to the mashing temperature and re-adding it is a good solution. Has anyone had any experience with this before and can give me an idea of how best to do this?

Also, is there a way to achieve step mashing (ie. progressively increasing the temperature during the mash at different time intervals?) this pretty much goes along with my previous question.

One more question. If a brewer were using a stainless steal mash tun, would adding the heating element to it during the mash result in uneven heating of the water in the grain bed and be unsatisfactory for achieving an increase in temperature?

Thanks to anyone who tackles this question for me.

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There are 2 basic methods.

1) Physically heat part of the mash.
2) Add boiling water to raise the temp.

The first is a staple of traditional german brewing (decotion). The second is what most homebrewers do, but it is limited in the number and range of steps you can do since you are adding volume each time.

Also of note, the vast majority of modern grains do not need a protein rest. What are you trying to brew and what ingredients are you brewing with?

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You could look into RIMS or HERMS. If you don't have any pumps you're looking at about $250 for parts to build but they both allow heat to be added to a system without flame.
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Without electro-mechanizing or pre-planned multiple infusions ...

Decoction. Been done for centuries. Not as hard as it appears.

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brewsmith (and I assume most other brew software) can help you calculate your infusion temps and volumes for each step

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Sep 2012
Colorado Springs, CO
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Thanks for the tips. I really didn't have a specific style I was looking to brew since I am not going to be able to brew for awhile due to work constraints, but I was more or less just asking if it could be done with the system I have right now.

I appreciate the explanations and tips.

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