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I make an apple brown ale that I put slices of apple in for about 5-10min as they get soft if it's any longer. I then use the apples in an apple pie. As far as the beer goes, it gets very thin bc of the juice in the apples. I'll have to review my notes later to see if there is anything else I can share.

Btw, the apple pie I make comes out amazing.

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Great! I am sure wort pie is delicious coming outta' brown ale! Thanks also for the mouthfeel tip, I guess it'd be good to mash higher or use a beefier grist to keep it on the chewier side!
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I have added pureed apples and cinnamon to my secondary of a pale ale. Midwest has an Apple Ale Kit you can buy.

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Originally Posted by TopherM View Post
My brewbuddy (<---that sounds a bit fruity....I mean the guy I brew with), makes an apple saison that is one of his better house brews. He adds about 4lbs of granny smith apples, cored and cut into about 1" chunks, to his secondary. The apple flavor is completely absent for the first 8 weeks or so, then shows up nicely.

On his last batch, he roasted the apples just enough to lightly carmelize the outside, and that batch turned out even better to my tastes. Similar apple flavor, but it's a bit more complex and balanced with the malt character.

Just keep the grain bill on the lighter OG, SRM, and IBU side, and be patient with a longer conditioning period, and you'll enjoy the contribution apples make to your brew.
Does he do anything to sanitize the apples before tossing them in the secondary? It seems like just throwing a bunch of apples in without any concern for what wild yeast or microbiota could be on there could very easily result in an infected beer.

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I've made a sour apple ale, and soaked the chopped up pieces of apple in vodka to reduce the likelihood of infection with unwanted bugs. No issues. The beer in secondary should have enough alcohol and yeast to out compete most bacteria, though.

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I pitched cut up apples straight into primary after 3 weeks of fermentation and had no issues.

But I wasn't overly concerned since I was using Brett anyways. The apple flavor was (IMO) lacking in the final product. I think this is just a hard flavor to put into a beer.

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