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Jan 2011
Cleveland, OH
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So I'll becoming back from Afghanistan soon and I've had a while to think about exactly what I wanted in a BIAB stand. I went with a BIAB recirculating setup (for the mash and IC whirlpool) and an electric winch attached to lift my BIAB basket. This is what I came up with:

Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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It just a quick sketch but I think you get the idea. The pump output will go to a cut and bent piece of copper tube that hangs inside the pot. It will be adjustable in height for different batch sizes and the output will run along the inside wall to create a whirlpool. It will be easily removable via a clamp.

The winch is bottom mounted and runs to the hoist frame via 1 pulley and an eye bolt. The hoist frame free swings to help center the cable on the pot and allows me to drop the basket in a bucket to the side. The load should stay centered on the stand to avoid tipping. The mast fits inside a larger tube so it can be lowered when not in use.

Heat is done with a SQ14 burner and 20lb propane tank located under the pot.

Cooling will be done with a copper 60' IC with whirlpool and copper 40' ice bath pre-chiller. The pre-chiller in a cooler will sit on the wooden work area. All connections will be via garden hose quick disconnect for an easy switch to the pre-chiller.

A simple control panel will be installed for the wort pump, pre-chiller pump, and winch control.

Besides being made of 2x2 square tube you see:

This will be my first attempt at a rig so let me know what you think. I'll be starting on this sometime in October.

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Feb 2011
athens, georgia
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I like it!

I built my stand in a similar fashion, sans the pump and winch (although mines made out of junk pallets) Two questions though. Is this for 10 gallon batches, and why not use a CFC or plate chiller since you already have a pump?

Off-topic: Glad to see you are coming home.

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Jun 2011
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Thank you for your service and safe return soon!
I like it as well. I just recovered the use of my (now) heated garage and this would work wonderfully there.

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Sep 2007
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i like the electric winch
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Apr 2012
Discovery Bay, Ca
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I've been thinking about building some BIAB stands and selling them. Ive really liked some of the ideas I've seen on here. Seems like a BIAB stand is a great compromise for space and time. My first all grains I did were biab's and they turned out amazing. I've been doing three tier gas fired rims since and kinda miss the simplicity of biab...I mean we are just extracting sugar from grain right? I've even though about putting a burner on the lower level as well so you can heat some sparge water while you are recirculating your mash, then when you are ready to sparge just disconnect the pump in from the mlt/bk to the sparge water and hoist your grains out and use the sparge arm to rinse the the grain untill you reach boil volume

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Jan 2011
Cleveland, OH
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Thanks for the input and good wishes!

I bought a 15.5 gallon pot for both 5 and 10 gallon batches. Even a large no-sparge 5g will be easy. I can always top up with dunk-sparge water for a 10g batch if the grain bill gets too big.

As far as chilling goes, I don't like the idea of running my wort through something I can't see into or clean easily. If you clean everything well after use then you shouldn't need to worry about infections, but that clean up can be time consuming. My personal preference is to just drop the IC in at 15min for simplicity. With any of the 3 methods I would still be using a pre-chiller in the summer anyways.

I think this ended up being a good compromise between all grain and simplicity. I like the idea of not having to need a fixed overhead support to lift the grain. Brewing outside is much easier.

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Jul 2012
Gaithersburg, MD
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Looks like a great design to me. I just order an 80 quart pot with strainer and I'm looking to build a similar rig.
I hadn't thought of the counter-top area next to the kettle since I was going for a minimal footprint, but seeing it on your design I think I'll have to add it. Having a wider base will make the "crane" operation more stable, and after thinking through a brew day, you're going to need a stable work surface anyway, why not build it in.

I'll be starting off without the wort pump, but I'll go for the ice water re-circulation pump. I've only used my 60 ft IC with tap water before, and I was planning on using a cooler with ice water to recirculate. What is the benefit of the second copper coil? I was just going to switch to the ice water at ~100 F, and let the ice water go into the IC.

Please post pictures when you get to building it.

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Apr 2012
whittier, ca
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I thought about going with an electric winch but I didnt have the funds for it, so I'll be hand cranking my steamer pot out.

If your not set on stainless steel you should look at this pot My local home depot had it on the shelf, and it was on clearance, got it for $119.00

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Dec 2011
Athens, GA
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I am very much interested in something like this - whether on a mobile stand or at a fixed brew station. I've been trying to come up with some sort of winch and trolley system. Everything I find is aimed at heavy duty lifting of at least 250 lbs and is bulky.

I'm envisioning a 2-dimensional unit that will lift the bag/basket up from the kettle, then move it horizontally to a 2nd pan/kettle in case I want to dunk sparge. I haven't been able to find very light-duty assemblies, and I don't know enough about the parts involved to design my own.

I saw a couple ideas on an automotive forum for a heavy duty design.

I wondered about adapting the mechanism for a stationary panel saw for brewing - sort of like what they cut panels with at Home Depot except that the vertical unit would also move from side to side on a track.


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Oct 2009
ATL Burbs, Georgia
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Looks good. I'm also working on something similar. I just can't decide on a welded design or something bolted together. If I build it myself, it has to be bolted. I don't weld, don't want to learn and don't need another piece of equipment in my garage! I have a welder who welded some stainless parts for me a few months back and he is about 3 miles away. I may take him a sketch and see what he'll charge to cut and weld the whole thing.
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