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Originally Posted by Goofynewfie View Post
3 cups mashed potato ( no butter , just plain potato)
4 cups flour
3 eggs
1/2 cup veg oil
Pinch of salt and pepper

Use pastry knife to blend potato and flour. Whisk oil and egg together than pour in flour mixture. Add salt and pepper and knead well.cover with towel , let sit for a half hour before use
Originally Posted by Bobby_M View Post
I make some killer perogi. Our family's dough is a little unorthodox; 4c flour, tsp salt, 1 egg, 1/2c sour cream. We stuck with potato and munster cheese for a while but use cheddar now. Sauerkraut is the best, but I also like farmer's cheese or "pot cheese" quite a bit too.
Originally Posted by Hamsterbite View Post
Our pierogi dough is super simple:

2 eggs (easier kneading if they are room temp)
4 cups flour
1/2 cup water (luke warm is important)

Generally, meat or fruit pierogi are boiled till they float. Fruit serves well with a bit of sour cream sweetened with sugar. Potato and Sauerkraut fillings get pan fried and served with your choice (this is a regional preference) of butter, diced bacon or onions.

Thanks for the recipes! The potato dough sounds like what a Russian coworker shared with me once. They were awesome.

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Originally Posted by SharonaZamboni View Post
Thanks for the recipes! The potato dough sounds like what a Russian coworker shared with me once. They were awesome.
We never put potatoes in the dough- only in the filling. The dough was a four dough. Maybe the potato dough is Russian, or Ukrainian? I know my family would never have made the dough with potatoes- the "Itales" did that (gnocchi?), to quote my mother.

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We visited a Russian restaraunt yesterday and had pieroshki with farmers cheese, toasted onions and butter as an appetizer. For entrees, I had Sturgeon w/ summer veggies, and my wife had lamb and rice. Good stuff.
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The potato dough comes from the ukranian side of my wifes family
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Last time I tried to make them the homemade sauerkraut was too wet, and I made a mess :-(.

I'm wondering if one could have the best of both worlds by using instant mash flakes with the flour...
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When I make perogies, I fry them in a frying pan and plenty of butter till they are crisp on the gf loves them this way, since they make a nice finger food while we watch TV. Now I am tempted to make some that with a filling inspired by my shepherd's pie...
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if you do not add pork fat to the pan, or at a minimum bacon, you fail at perogies (unless they are sweet perogies - cherries, plum, blueberries, etc).

the perogy dance:
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For "Pierogies", an awesome trick is to use a LOT of sour cream for the dough base with the flour. The results are always outstanding. And the cheese I use is typically Farmer's Cheese. It's like a not so wet Ricotta that melts better. Boil them first then fry. For the garnish, saute half the onions until slightly browned, then deglaze with water and butter, and toss quickly with more raw onions. This way, you have the brown bit flavor of the soft onions and the crunch of the raw onions. And remember, always season while you cook. Those onions need salt, the cheese needs to be pepped up, etc.
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my Nana's recipe
2 eggs
4 cups flour
1/2 cup water

and the filling was egg and DRY CURD COTTAGE CHEESE

boiled, like a ravioli, then fried in a pan with butter.

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[QUOTE=sweetcell;4409114]you both have it wrong: it's a well-known fact that perogies are ukrainian! <hides>

seriously tho, they're slavic. they come from a time when these nations didn't exist and borders between kingdoms were very fluid... so the entire region, and the countries that currently make up the area, can rightfully claim them.

in ukrainian they're also called vereniki (not sure how to anglicize the spelling).

Having a Grandfather from the Ukraine and a Grandmother from Poland the meals at my house always included those comfort foods.

The Ukrainians or Russians called the (Polish) pierogi VARENIKI
Golumki or GOLOBKI (Polish stuffed cabbage) were called GOLUBTSI (with a soft G) or as use kids would call them Halupsi.

Kraut was always referred to as Kapusta and was cooked with garlic and bay leaves (in butter or fat of course) until it was so tender that it melted in your mouth.

After making the regular (sauerkraut-cheese-potato) varieties there was always a pot of blueberry varenikis that served as dessert along with Cheese Blini or blintzes.

Add a few pounds of kielbasi, a plate of potato pancakes, a loaf of sour rye all served with a big pot of sour cream and you have a Carb diet that would be outlawed in most States.


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