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Apr 2012
Boston, MA
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Been researching, dreaming and finally am in a financial position to get my first conical fermenter. The front runner in the More Beer 7 gal, heated and cooled.

I like the idea of the heated/cooled version so i can leave it in my basement with a set temp and not have to worry about it. I also dont like the looks of a chest freezer or DIY fermentation chamber.

I only see myself brewing 5 gal batches in the foreseeable future, since i like to constantly be trying new flavors and experimenting.

That being said: i would like to get some feedback from people who use conical fermenters and hopefully the more beer one i am looking at. What has been you experience with them? Do you have trouble cleaning/sanitizing the 2 valves and lid? Share your thoughts..

Please if you dont own one, dont post about them being a waste of money. If they are I would like to hear it from people who have used them.
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Cape Brewing
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I have four 30 gallon conicals... I think they're a waste of money... and they're plastic so a small fraction of what one stainless conical with about 5% of the capacity would hold.

They're super pretty. The bling factor is high. If you have the cash and want one, get one... but... Unless you are a "pro" or a homebrewer who's fermenting north of 100 gallons at a whack, I think they're a total waste of money.

"But you can collect yeast from them!". I never got that... I can collect yeast from a 5 gallon carboy. I rack my beer off of it and then... this is where it gets tricky... I... tip it over and pour out the yeast. Sorry... that was more wise ass than it needed to be. I just hate that argument.

Me... personally... I would take that cash and buy a few dozen non-conical fermenters and temp controls and have 20 times the capacity. If you don't need the capacity, I would just save the cash.
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Dec 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
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I had two and recently sold both to finance a blichmann top tier and 4 tap keezer. While they looked awesome, poster above me is right, I harvest yeast out of my buckets. I saw no improvement in my beer. They are cool, if you already have a Brewstand and keezer I'd go for it

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Mar 2012
Green Bay, Wi
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I have a Stout 14.5 gallon conical and love it.

A lot of people will complain about how there is more to clean or the beer doesn't get better because of one.
I think that my main reason for loving it so much is that I never have to transfer off the yeast to another bucket, which would greatly increasing the chances of infection or O2 exposure in the process.

I brew alot of Alt Biers so lagering is a must, so being able to drain out the low flocing wyeast 1007 every 5-6 days helps with clarity immensely. Also helps to make sure no O2 has been introduced before lagering for a month or two.

Another Plus is the thermowell that I can stick the thermo probe into and get very actuate readings from the center of the beer. ( I know this is available for bucket fermenter now too. )

Oh also its stainless and if taken care of should last a long time. If you have the money to spend and love this hobby I'd say go for it!

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Old 09-12-2012, 12:25 AM   #5
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Mar 2011
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I have a brewhemoth with the internal chiller. I am very happy with it and have used the coil to both heat and cool. I have done 5 to 18 gallons and they have all come out fine.
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Apr 2012
Boston, MA
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Thanks for all your responses. I do have a keezer and at the moment dont need a brewstand. My biggest reason for looking at this fermenter was the temp control. I like the idea of just setting and forgetting. And, not wanting to look at a chest freezer (not to mention disturbing the trub when taking it out to rack) or a DYI fermentation chamber this seemed to be the best option. Plus after fermentation i could rack directly to my kegs for carbing/aging all under co2.
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Jul 2012
Raleigh, NC
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I have a Blickmann 14 Gallon and really like it and as far as I am conserned the ease of cleaning is the sellling point of a SS-Fermentor.

I also like how I can get just about everylast drop of beer from it by moving the drip-tube.

My only problem, and I just have not invested enough time to figure out how to do it, is to get the yeast and trub out before it becomes a solid mass.

I have tried a few times to release the yeast and either nothing comes out or very little and then BEER.... ( a channel through the "muck" develops".

It is something i would like to figure out since I would like to harvest yeast.


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Aug 2011
Thousand Oaks, CA
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I have a plastic conical and I agree with most of the above. It makes harvesting yeast and dumping trub easier, but harvesting yeast from a carboy isn't that hard. However, I have a fermentation chamber, so if your primary motivation is ease of temperature control, then it's a very nice (albeit expensive) option. Way more expensive than using a tub of water, but easier, cleaner, and prettier.
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Old 09-12-2012, 05:03 PM   #9
Dec 2008
Kalamazoo, Mich.
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I have a 14 gallon temp controlled conical from Morebeer and I absolutely love it. I brew in my pole barn behind our house year round, when this summers Michigan temps got up to and over 100 degrees, I managed a consistent 65 degrees ferment temp with this unit. I was able to crash cool it down into the 50s during that time. I went with this one for several reasons:

Consistent temp control- very accurate controller allows me to set it to within 1-2 degrees. I didn't want another refrigerator to take up more space.

Butterfly dump valve- the 1-1/2 inch valve dumps even thick trub with ease, something the Blichmans just miss the boat on. Plus, it dumps straight down and doesn't go through a ninety degree elbow which can clog further.

I like the fact that these units all have sanitary connections throughout, (standard) which makes cleaning easier.

The biggest hurdle of course is the higher price. If you can afford it, I would pick this one over Blichman or any other any day.

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Old 09-13-2012, 03:24 AM   #10
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Nov 2010
Seattle, WA
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Thanks for the tip barnbrew, I just ordered my x-mas gift to me!
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