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I've come across this recipe a couple of times now and decided to brew it this weekend so it will be ready in time for Thanksgiving.

15 pounds, Klages malt
2-3/4 pounds, Munich malt
1 pound, Amber crystal
1/4 pound, Chocolate malt
1 ounce, Northern Brewers hops 10%AA (60min)
1 ounce, Northern Brewers (15 min)
1/2 ounce, Cascades 5.9%AA (15min)
2 ounces, fresh fennel (15 min)
6 ounces, fresh orange peel (15 min)
1/2 teaspoon, Irish Moss(15 min)
1 cup, American Lager yeast slurry
10 Bengal Spice tea bags, "dry hopped"
OG: 1.070

Here's the link. I've also seen it in some old recipe books I've acquired along the way.

It seems pretty straight forward except when I get a chance, I'm going to alter the recipe and will post that also. In the mean time I was hoping to get some feedback on other alterations/suggestions for brewing technique.

Fresh fennel vs fennel seeds vs Anise? - My main concern with using fresh fennel is having it cloud the beer. I'm also considering using Anise if I can't find fennel seeds as the flavors will probably be pretty close. If I go the fennel seed/anise route how much would people suggest? I'm not a huge licorice fan, but I think that flavor could be a nice compliment to the rest of it.

Fresh orange peel vs dried? - I've done both fresh and dry in the past and prefer working with the dry stuff. Any recommendations for the amount of dry peel I should use? I know 6oz of dry would be way too much. I'm thinking 1oz tops.

The main thing I keep going over in my head is how to treat the tea situation. The recipe calls for dry-hopping with the tea bags, but I'm concerned about contamination. If dry-hopping is out I feel as though I'm left with 3 options:

Treat the mash/sparge water ahead of time. (Would this effect my pH?)
Add at the end of the boil. (Flameout?)
Make a concentrate with vodka and add at kegging.


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