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I got some excellent advice in the past on this forum so now my question is what do you reccommend for an electric coffee grinder? I used a manual one time which instantly cured me of my desire for a manual one. I really don't know all that much about them but do know I want a burr grinder, I want it adjustible from very coarse to very fine, it would be nice if the grind container could be used as a regular container but its not a requirment. About $60 is my max limit I think. I prefer quality over a good price, but really prefer quality and a good price.

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I don't think you'll find a worthy burr grinder for $60 unless you go manual. Just use a cordless drill to spin it.
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I agree with Arturo. Good burr grinders cost a bit of money.

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I'd just buy any old grinder on sale at walfart. My one cup grinder has three settings: drip, brew and espresso. Works like a charm.
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Jul 2011
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Ive been using this one for a few months, and it works great. for $40, its not as pro as some other models, but the grind is nice. I brew with a Chemex at work, and my office mates show up at my door with their cups once I start brewing since the aroma really fills our space.

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i have a baraza maestro. i'm not terribly impressed with it. i do strictly coarse grinding tho.

biggest complaint is grind consistency. size range is pretty big.
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I've gone through several different coffee grinders over the years. The one I've been most pleased with is the Kitchenaid Coffee Grinder. It's not cheap, but you really do get what you pay for. I use mine every morning to grind the coffee right before I brew a pot. I also know of others with the same model grinder and they have zero issues/complaints with it.

I also use a coffee maker that uses the correct temperature water (not too hot), that I've adjusted the hot plate temperature to my liking (the lowest setting) and it turns off after two hours (you can set it for 1-4 hours after brewing is finished). The 2 hours shut-off time is ONLY when I'm home for that long. Otherwise, it's off after I've poured the second mug (or put it into the thermos).

Something else you can do to get great coffee time and again is to use filtered water. Plus periodically clean the maker (run it through a cleaning cycle at the very least).
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I used a Cuisinart burr grinder for a few years and it way okay. Relatively even grind, but it will clog over time so I would periodically have to clean it out with a knife or chopstick. I think they run about $50.

I also support Arturo's comment, although I have not figured out how to hook up an electric drill to it because I worry about messing up the threads on my grinder.

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If you find an extra $10 somewhere, you can get the Capresso Infinity burr grinder online for around $70. Best grinder out there for the price. People complain about its performance with extra-fine grinding for espresso - I don't brew espresso so I can't speak to that - but for every other type of coffee I'm extremely happy with mine.

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