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Aug 2011
Philadelphia, PA
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My wife and I got my father-in-law a basic starter kit from a shop in Philly about 5 years ago for his birthday. He never ended up using it, but I found the process intriguing enough that I felt I had to give it a shot. So later that year my wife got me the same set up. The rest is history. (I still have the original hydrometer from that sucker).

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Dec 2011
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I always wanted to try brewing my own beer. I saw a groupon for Midwest that had a starter kit and ingredients kit a little over a year ago. I bought it on a whim, and have since gone all grain after 5-6 extract batches and made some amazing beers since. Now enjoying a Stone Ruination clone AG (look up Yooper's recipe - its awesome)

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Aug 2012
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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When I moved to Eugene, Oregon in 1995, I had a roommate who worked in an architecture firm where one of the partners was a homebrewer. So my roommate got into it, and got me into it, and we brewed a bunch of batches. We also got to spend some time with that architect partner, whose picture is on Rogue's Hazelnut Brown Nectar because they bought his recipe. Yup, the famous Chris Studach. His homebrew version, by the way, was considerably better. But I digress...

So, years later, after quite a hiatus, I picked the hobby/passion/way-of-life back up again. Good times.
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Jan 2010
Marengo, Illinois
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I was born and raised in Milwaukee when there were four large breweries going full-bore. In high school, the hops and yeast odors from Pabst and Miller would waft into our classrooms in spring and fall when the windows were open. So, I've always enjoyed beer. And I'm kind of a "hands-on" guy who likes to take on projects and see them through to completion. Standing back and enjoying the fruit of your labor is a great kick.

A few years back, I retired and it dawned on me that a wonderful hobby for a guy like me would be to make homebrew! Right around Christmas 2009, I ordered my first batch of equipment and ingredients, and it's been great fun ever since! And when I drink one of my homebrews, I truly enjoy the fruit of my labor.

My second oldest daughter is to be married in October 2013. She and her fiance have asked me to brew up some batches of beer to give to the reception guests as a "thank-you." I will be honored to do so...provided they find me enough pop-top beer bottles!

Don't sweat the minutiae!

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Feb 2011
Clayton, NC
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It started about a year and a half ago. I was lucky enough to have a Brewery in my back yard on Long Island. Literally I used to walk or take my bike to Blue Point Brewery every Thursday,Friday and Saturday. I moved to NC and no longer had this option. Yeah there are lots of breweries here but I would have to drive. I had thought about doing it before but why? I had great beer in the back yard. After living here for 2 years and spending way too much on good beer it was time to start brewing. That all started on a fishing website from a post made by a homebrew member. The rest is history. I did 2 extract batches before going all grain. I currently have about 200lbs. of grain,30gallons of crappy homebrew on tap and a freezer full of hops. It has gone from hobby to obsession....I give most of my beer away. Its also a great way to spend time with the kids...their first science project will be how to make beer .
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Jan 2006
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I started around 1995. My uncle first introduced me to the idea as he brewed beer at home. I was simply fascinated with the idea that brewing beer at home was even possible. At the time beer simply seemed a purchase I would make at the store where big companies with gear I could never understand or afford made the magic happen. My first brews were from a kit I bought with white bucket, racking cane, etc... I remember waiting for that first batch to complete, it seemed like it was taking forever! Over the years the gear grew slowly, mostly because I started this while still in college so money was much tighter then. I got a larger boil pot for my stove, moved into glass carboys, then I got a lead on some kegs and built up some kegging gear (no keg fridge yet at that time, bucket/tub of ice), all the while space in my home always a factor so I only brewed extract.

Cut to 17 years later I have a house, and can afford gear I want, so this year it hit me that I needed to go all-grain! I completed a Kal clone electric brew setup in my garage and have been brewing very regularly this summer. Oh, and eventually I did get that keg fridge .

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Jan 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana
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This time 4 years ago I was enrolled in a guitar building class at the Indianapolis Art Center. I really needed a hobby. I play guitar, but I was really interested in learning how to build and repair them just for fun. Unfortunately the instructor had a family emergency and had to cancel the whole guitar building program. I was really bummed, so my wife said "you like beer, why don't you try home brewing." I had always wanted to try it, but my first and only experience up to that point with home brewing was a friends beer that was obviously infected. Once I bought my kit and completed my first brew day, I was hooked.
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Aug 2012
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My dad has been homebrewing for 30+ years and I've occasionally helped with bottling, etc.--and always with the drinking. He's made a bunch of great brews over the years, which showed me how good a homebrew could be. I finally started my first batch last week with his equipment (extract partial boil)--a Blue Moon Belgian witbier clone. Primary fermentation started the other day, and I couldn't be more excited.
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Mar 2012
Ferndale, Michigan
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Another one of these threads, huh?

I loved craft beer, had helped a few friends brew, and was intrigued. I was in my second to last semester in college, and decided that my documentary for film class would be on homebrewing in the Keweenaw. I got a lot of free beer out of the gig, as well as equipment & advice. I'll never regret it
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Old 09-10-2012, 12:45 AM   #30
Jul 2010
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My girlfriend suggested I give it a shot since she knew I always wanted to try. Now she regrets it since homebrewing has become such an addiction!

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