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Jun 2012
Golden, Colorado
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Well I decided to try something different. Have a wit 2 weeks in primary and tomorrow it gets racked with 3 mangoes, 5 roasted anaheims and 1 habenaro. Plan to let it sit for a few weeks then bottle. Mangoes and peppers are soaking in 100% proof and in the freezer. Wonder if i dropped in a little smokey beef jerky if id pick up the smoke flavor?
Anyhow, this will be an experiment and may call it mango jerky chili beer! back after it ferments out!

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Aug 2011
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I know you're new and want to put your mark on THE BREWING OF HANDCRAFTED BEERS, but I'd say start simple on this one. Wits take well to fruit, and mango goes GREAT with chili, that much I can say, but in order to know how much fruit/spice to add to a beer, you really need to make the base beer first. You should add any fruit/spice on bottling day TO TASTE (that means add a little at a time until it tastes right). THAT SAID: JUST TRY MAKING THE WIT BY ITSELF FIRST. IT'S PROBABLY AWESOME.

Once you've had more experience with joining grist and yeast with other outside flavors, I bet a mango chili wit would actually be awesome (I may steal this idea).

Beef is going to ruin your head retention, add a weird soapy flavor to your beer, and not impart any smokiness. In the future (too late for this batch), add a small amount of smoked malt (rauchmalt, not peat-smoked malt) to your grist or steeping grains to add a nice smokiness like beef jerky- more will give you a neat bacon-y character. Too much gives you 1978 Dodge Dart Ashtray beer.
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Leave out the jerky. That's gross. I'd dial back the chili to one dried anaheim and zero habanero. You can put 'em in but you can't take 'em out. Good luck.
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Jun 2012
Golden, Colorado
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The jerky comment was just me trying to be funny... it won't be going in.
The wit has been brewed several times before and results are consistent, really a good wit all by itself. I'm just bored and thought of mixing a few adjuncts. Appreciate the advise on the quantity of peppers. I'll remove the habanero and scale back the chili's. Test taste in 5 days and see how it is. Using a hop bag so I can pull the fruit or peppers.

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Jan 2012
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I say definitely go for it. Why the hell not? I'd definitely do as suggested and add a little at a time ever to taste (make a tincture with vodka and use that - no solids).

Worst case scenario: You make a lousy batch.

Best case scenario: You make the best beer of all time.

As with most things in life, the true result will probably fall somewhere in between.
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Sounds tasty please post your results when finished.
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Jun 2012
Golden, Colorado
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Following up on this:
I had intended to secondary the chili pepper and mangos for 5 days but after just two days the mangos had a strong aroma and I got nervous it would be over powering so I pulled the hop sack early. I'd scaled back to one chili pepper as suggested above and that was a good thing. After two weeks the bite is perfect... not too strong and a good heat feel at the back of the tongue. Unfortunately I pulled the mangos too soon as there isn’t much at all of an aroma or flavor, but there is a little. I’d probably let them sit for 4 days on my next try and certainly pull the pepper after 2 days. The mangos were peeled and quartered, not minced or mashed. After two weeks bottle conditioning the chili pepper flavor is awesome! Really happy with the heat and chili flavor.
So this turned out to be a very good Chili beer, just not a good “Mango” Chili Beer. The head retention is nice with 2.4 volume carbonation.
Here’s the base Wit recipe:
5 Gal Batch
5lbs. Pale Malt Bel 2 row
3lbs White Wheat Malt
2lbs Flaked Wheat
0.5 oz. Cascade at 30 min
0.5 oz. Coriander at 15 min
0.5 oz. Sweet orange peel at 15 min
0.5 oz. cascade at 10 min
WLP 400
3 peeled and quartered mangos to secondary (recommend 4 days)
1 roasted Anaheim chili pepper to secondary for 2 days
Mash at 152 for 75 min
Batch sparge at 170 for 10 min
45 min boil
SG 1.046
FG 1.004
Click image for larger version

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