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This is by no means a question on fermentation length by air lock activity, i know that fermentation process can only be verified by a hydrometer. Here's my situation , i did two beers, one oatmeal stout 1.052 with one packet and one Scottish strong ale 1.074 with two packets on labor day. I had noticeable activity about 8 hrs after pitching with a temp in the high 50's ( i read this yeast ferments hot, even an 8F spike). The chambers bubbled and popped with co2 and quickly stopped. I then raised the temp to high 60's to finish it up and eat up any off flavors but haven't had any noticeable activity since yesterday morning. Is this common for this yeast to burn so bright and fizzle out so quickly like that? Or am i just so used to using S-05 that can chug away for a week or more. RDWDAHB?

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FWIW, I just brewed a 1.047 English-style pale ale with S-04 and had a similar experience. It stopped burping and bubbling about 5 days ago, but I tasted it today & took gravity after 8 days in primary (I know, I know, I got antsy...) and it's still got a little way to go, but other than that it has fermented down to 1.010 fine. If the gravity doesn't change in the next few days I'll warm it up. Hope that helps!
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Everytime I have used S-04 the "vigorous" fermentation happens and passes quickly. Obviously, doesn't mean its done. But, I have found that both my s04 and actually my s05 beers all start strong and fast.

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Ok cool, glad that its just tge nature of the beast. The fg of the oatmeal stout should be close to 1.016 and the Scottish close to 1.020. I'll take a reading on the 17th and see where we're at. Thanks for the responses.

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I've hit terminal gravity within 48 hours every time using S-04. It's a fast bugger.

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Brewed an Oktoberfest last Sunday 1.062, used S-04. Had bubbles after 4hrs, the next morning my blowoff growler was over flowing all over the place. 3 days later switched to an airlock not even hardly a bubble...
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