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Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
The reason I don't pour through a strainer after primary is by the time I'm ready to go to secondary (once the wine gets to 1.020 or lower), you want to protect the wine from oxygen as fermentation is slowing and to avoid splashing/pouring/aerating. Almost always, the wine should be racked "quietly" to secondary to avoid air pick up and then airlocked.

Pouring through any sort of strainer will oxidize the wine, especially after it's finished, and depending on how severe the oxidation, it can ruin the wine quickly and make it undrinkable. Pouring through a coffee filter before bottling is a sure-fire way to oxidize the wine, and I would recommend drinking it very quickly to avoid a severe oxidation/madereirazation flavor as it will get worse with time.

A super easy way to do it with nylon bags is to have a sanitized nylon bag as big as your bucket. Line the bucket when making up the must, with the ends over the top of the bucket to hold it in place. Make up the must, then stir well and tie up the bag, dropping it back into the bucket. You can use a mash paddle/big spoon/whatever to stir your wine several times a day until it's time to go to secondary. At that time, lift up the bag, squeeze it out, and then let dispose of the stuff inside the bag. Rack the wine into secondary.

The reason to not use a blender on fruit is because it's very difficult to clear a wine made with a blender. It seems to set the pectin and it's a bugger to clear as well as to rack due to little chunky fruit debris. You also have a LOT more lees and "lose" much more wine at each racking that way.
Spoken like a true yooper!!! You must know that alcohol doesn't last long around us trolls(former, as the people of Mississippi tell me that I am a Yankee redneck now), I am assuming that it lasts even less around Yoopers (judging by thermostatic factors) Interesting stuff, that I will have to remember when I actually start aging my wine. I probably will, however stop using the coffee filters, and let it sit in the secondary until it clears off on it's own. As always, thanks for the insights.

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