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May 2012
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You suck at beer

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Mar 2012
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I, like many before me, had the IPA as my "gateway beer" into the craft scene. I still enjoy a good, bitter IPA or Imperially, stupidly hopped beer from time to time.

That being said, I have grown fond of malty (or even yeasty) beers in the past year for a number of reasons. 1) They tend to be cheaper to make. 2) They have unsurpassed complexity (or simplicity, IMO). 3) More people will drink more of my homebrew when it's not as bitter.

On a side note... Where are all the hopheads at? I'm surprised this thread isn't heated yet
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Isn't a balance of malt to hops the same as a balance of hops to malt??

Really the question is just one of popularity. Someone will brew a malty beer someday that gets the attention of the masses and then the question would be, "Why are there so few hop forward beers available?"

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Sep 2012
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Originally Posted by IFMracin View Post
Brew what you like.

If you like malty, go for it.
If you like hops, go for it.
+1, There is no right or wrong here, just what works for you as an individual.

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Everything after^ wrong or redundant? Not really. Like I said,even malty beers like bitters have a little bittering & flavor hops,but just a little that add to the maltiness. Like English hops for example. They are herbal,floral,& earthy. They compliment the flavors given by the malts & yeast used. Even if they're harly noticeable,they still lend balance without taking center stage.
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Originally Posted by wSelwyn View Post
On a side note... Where are all the hopheads at? I'm surprised this thread isn't heated yet
I'm a total hophead! I LOVE IPAs, as that is by far my favorite style.

But the best IPAs aren't simply Hop Juice- they have a malt backbone and the correct amount of bitterness to balance the malt although they are definitely hop forward.

But I also think a great dopplebock or maibock is wonderful, and I think an oatmeal stout after dinner is heaven.

Saying one characteristic is better than another is like saying, "Chicken for dinner sucks and the people that eat it them aren't gourmets!" Well, maybe if they're talking about Chicken McNuggets. But not if you're talking about chicken cordon bleu served with roasted asparagus.

The same is true for beer styles. There are some fantastic IPAs, and IIPAs, and there are some not very good ones. I can say the same about Scottish ales, Irish reds, etc. A good example of the style is all about balance, in whichever direction that balance lies.

Just as I don't want a hoppy dopplebock, I don't want a sweet IPA.
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Jul 2011
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I too love hops but agree that there needs to be some basic malty beer behind it. I think some of these breweries are just pushing the envelope to extreme and personally I'm not a fan.

IMO some pale ales are becoming IPAs and IPAs are becoming DIpAs and DIPAs, well, some of them are so over the top I don't even enjoy them
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Jun 2012
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I like when someone posts a recipe with a pound and a half of Crystal malt and people freak out, as if the beer was going to be like drinking maple syrup.

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Apr 2012
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Could it be because more malt/less hops generally means a sweeter seeming product? Those who really enjoy sweet (or dislike bitter) find other beverages more to their liking, and thus there is sort of an upper limit to how sweet a commercially available beer can become before its target audience abandons it for other beverages?

Whereas more hops generally equals more bitter taste. There are not as many places to turn for those who want increasingly bitter drinks, and thus there is a greater upper limit to how hoppy you can make a beer and still have a sizable market.

Just speculation. Cheers.

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Apr 2012
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Originally Posted by MisterTipsy View Post
I like when someone posts a recipe with a pound and a half of Crystal malt and people freak out, as if the beer was going to be like drinking maple syrup.
Kinda funny right now I am drinking a beer with 11% crystal malt so it should be nearly undrinkable according to some on this site. But you can't really even taste the malt, just hops. But it is fine, I brewed it to be like that. Like I said before at times I want something malty, at times I want something hoppy.

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